Summer Fun: Observations On the Go

Laugh in the face of hypocrisy.   Every day all around you there are hypocrites operating in broad daylight.  Since many of us are still confused about the very nature of reality, this presents a problem.  You can realize the seriousness of this and still find the humor in it as well.  Many days I laugh at the bold faced lies being told to us because if I didn’t laugh in that moment, I might be crying.  We watch as our world appears to be taken over by every imaginable evil and yet life always finds a way.  The very earth we live on is living and breathing underneath us and we fail to appreciate this phenomenal occurrence.  Take for instance the very controversial issue of pumping oil.  This is so deep, it’s deeper than oil if you understand what I mean.  

Hopefully you haven’t been living under a rock and you’ve heard of peak oil.  Well, we’re long past that point but we’ve noticed something remarkable happening.  Oil wells are starting to refill themselves leading us to question – what is oil really?  (Are Oil Wells Recharging Themselves?, 3/5/2012)   We’ve been told that oil is fossil fuel and without it we could never have built this current modern civilization.   But is it really?  If oil is in fact a fossil fuel, that once pumped out of the ground, is depleted, then what explains the refilling of oil wells?  It’s always worth it to look back at ancient knowledge and what our ancient texts have told us about the world we live in.  This is not trendy or sexy so you won’t hear many propose this answer.  I was taught that Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity worthy of my respect and deference.  I stand firmly in the camp offering that oil is not a fossil fuel but the blood of Mother Earth.  Therefore, it is being regenerated in the same way that our human bodies regenerate blood.  Blood is the life force pumping through our veins.  If we get cut and bleed out, we die.  The same is true for Mother Earth.  If we manage to pump enough of her blood out faster than she can replenish it, she will die.  Fortunately, she is smarter than us and is finding ways to regenerate her blood.  This makes me laugh at the foolishness of man and the amazing power of nature.

All is not as it seems.  Be ever vigilant for there are many who wish to deceive you.  The deception and hypocrisy is present at every level of life.  We encounter it every day but like the frog in a pot of warm water, we think everything is fine because it feels good right now.  As things heat up and we find our bodies wracked with disease, pain and suffering, we may become aware of all the lies we’ve been told.  Lies about what to eat, lies about what is safe, lies about where to live, lies about who we are and where we came from, lies about the very nature of reality.  As you discover all these lies, you want to know the truth.  You start demanding the truth.  If you can’t get it from your authority figures, you go out on a personal quest for the answers.  Even grandmas go on the internet these days to get information on things they hear about on facebook.  Somehow your gut knows when you’re not getting the truth.  You might be a little dazed and confused from all the bad food, dirty water and pharmaceuticals.  But you still have enough consciousness to realize there’s more to the story than what you’re being told.  Unfortunately, lies can be made to look very real.  You can’t always trust you physical eyes to tell you the truth.  Watch any good magician and you realize this.

Be alert.  Follow you intuition, listen for that still small voice.  It leads to clarity.  When everyone around you is telling you something that just doesn’t feel right, stop and become still.  Listen to your inner voice, access your higher self and know what is right for you.  This may not only save your life, it can bring you peace.

If you haven’t had a good laugh today, this one will really get you going.  Read labels and pay attention. 

Check out the back of the maple syrup jar.

Maple syrup back

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For Your Family: Foster Expansion

If you have family, when is the last time you sat down to have a frank discussion about finances, your money, and what you value?

So many times families fail to have these conversations and the result is a group of people living in a dream world.  They conjure up fantasies about going on extravagant vacations but have no real financial stability to support those fantasies.  Instead of explaining that Disney World is not in our price range, we pull out the credit cards or go get new ones and make it happen.  We operate as though the money to pay for it will just materialize out of thin air.  In my world, that only happens for bankers.  They are the only ones creating money out of thin air.  For our families, most of us are working jobs and trading our time for money.  

Having those frank discussions about finances, money and what you value are what’s needed to get to the place where you can go on the vacation without tying a debt noose around your neck and jeopardizing your family’s ability to function.  Who said you have to take extravagant vacations every year?  Where did that idea come from?  Could it be television programming?  Internet travel deals?  Sit down and talk about the real costs of taking trips.  Make a list and be certain everyone understands how long it would take to generate the money for such a trip.  Maybe it’s a year.  Maybe it’s five years!  Does your family even have $1,000 in the bank for emergencies like a car breaking down?  Are you doing anything to get yourself off the hamster wheel of corporate production?  Can you live beyond each paycheck?

The topic of this blog is about fostering expansion.  One of the ways we expand and grow is by facing the reality of our situations in life and by making decisions and taking actions that deal with What Is.  Then we can make a way for what is desired.  So many people got caught up in ‘The Secret,’ but one of the key ideas left out of that phenomenon was the simple fact that you must take right action.  Yes, everything is created first in mind, using your powerful imagination and intuition but you must take right action to make any of those ideas a reality.  There are no short cuts in life.  They just seem that way at the time.  Later you realize the full price that must be paid.  The credit card bills do come due.

Expanding your mind by looking at what truly is in your world can be quite liberating.  It may also feel like sitting on a razor blade as Tibetan guru Chogyam Trunkpa described it.  But that experience of dealing with what is right in your face gives you a chance to just be with what is and acknowledge it.  Then if it’s not what you want, insight can come as to how you might change it.  If you don’t face it head on, you never have this opportunity to open up and see what there is to see, feel what there is to feel and know what there is to know.  None of that is possible until you sit on that razor.

A stay-cation can be a lot of fun and it’s definitely cheaper.  Maybe you can’t even afford a stay-cation.  What is possible for your family?  What could you do together that would foster family ties?  Maybe it’s a tank of gas to go visit a long distant relative.  Maybe it’s having everybody over for Sunday brunch and dinner with games.

Give your family a gift of expansion as we move into these wonderful summer months in North America.  Show them you really care for their wellbeing by having a frank discussion about what you value and how that relates to your money and finances.  No one can have true wellness and graceful aging if you’re saddled with debilitating debt and the worry and dis ease that comes with it.

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For Your Family:  Set the Example

If you’re not living an amazing life right now, what would it take to change that?

What more is possible?  What would an amazing life look like for you?

Many times people will ask these questions and immediately move into a mode of, well I have to … followed by striving for some goal, some thing that, if only I could get that, I would be happy.  What if you already have an amazing life and you’re just not tuned into it?  What if everything going on around you is the greatest blessing in life?  Would you see it?  Would you have the discernment to recognize an amazing life?  As humans we always strive for something.  It’s part of our nature.  We are never satisfied and always looking to cure boredom.  Many of us drown our lives in entertainment because we are terrified of being bored.  To what else could you attribute the mindless checking of texts and email or scrolling through Fakebook or watching TV for hours on end looking, searching for something, anything to lock onto to make ourselves feel “connected.”

My amazing life is right in front of me.  I have work I love.  I have family and friends I love.  I have a healing body I love for its resiliency and strength.  All of these things are gifts from the divine put here for my enjoyment.  I’m connected at all times.  I can never not be connected for that is the nature of the Universe.  It is one song.  I seek to share my gifts so they can multiply and flourish.  Then when I ask that question, what more is possible, I start to get insights into how I can share more of me.  This makes me a blessing to others and more good things flow into my life.  And this helps me vibrate on a frequency of love and gratitude which brings more good things.

Oh, but what about the “bad” things?  Do you think they just stop coming?  Of course not.   Both the good and bad things are like thoughts we have when we meditate.  They come up, we examine them and then we release them and return our focus to what we want to experience.  We do this over and over, today and tomorrow.  We can choose to live in today and tomorrow, always coming back to our core focus, our amazing lives.

What is your amazing life?  Who’s in it?  Do you appreciate them?  When is the last time you told them how much you appreciate their presence in your life?  What would your life be like without them?  People and relationships with people are the most important things in our amazing lives.  All of the things we strive to get can be replaced.  But what happens when you lose people, relationships?  Whether they were good or bad, it leaves a scar, an empty place.

 I choose to share my amazing life with people who appreciate me and love to receive my gifts.  That’s all.  Let me know about your amazing life and how you share it.  Are you setting the example for everyone around you?  Come see me at where I show people how to live an amazing life of wellness and graceful aging.  Here’s to your Lifetime Health!


REBIRTH: Life Extension Part 2


Apparently my last blog must have hit too close to home.  YouTube just took down my channel.  Poof!  No contact.  No explanation.  Hmmm.  However, I just uploaded this video and watched it there so maybe you can too.  Go now before they take this one down as well.

We are truly living in dangerous times.  Here’s the link to the article I reference in the video.  Update on Transhumanists



Be Aware of Your Body in this Space

Hopefully  by now you are staying active for life.  I see my clients taking this on each day.  Some of them went down that slippery slope to “the old life” but they are seeing that all it takes to get back on track is to simply start over.  You will start over as many times as you need to get to the goal.  That is what life is about.  Starting over.  This is your power to deal with anything life presents.

One of the foundations of  my meditation practice is starting over.  When your mind takes you off on a fantasy or some worry, you simply start over and return to an awareness of your breath.  It’s that simple and that daunting.  We get so frustrated with the idea of starting over when this is our true power in this life of distractions.

So you started over and went for a 15 minute walk this time.  As I’ve said before, if you don’t have 10-15 minutes for yourself, you are a slave.  BREAK FREE!  Here’s a little tip for making a jailbreak.

Be aware of your body in this space.  So you got out on your 15 minute break from work or your lunch half hour and you decided to walk.  Great!  Instead of plugging in your iPhone earplugs to listen to music, plug into your inner world and listen to your body.  It’s speaking to you every day.  Are you listening?  Start by taking 5 minutes of your workout session, walk, run, swim, whatever and just listen.  What is your body telling you?  Make friends with it.  To be a good friend to anyone, you have to first be a good friend to yourself.  Is your friend needing some affection and comfort?  Is your friend saying “Please lay off the fried food.  You’re slowing me down.” Is your friend feeling invigorated and excited about having a healthy body?  Listen, feel your body in this space.  Feel your feet hitting the ground, your legs moving through the water, your body flying through the air as you go for that lay-up and put the ball into the basket.  Feel it.  Be in the moment, paying attention to all your senses, listening.

Listening is the greatest gift you can give a friend.  Be that friend to your body.  Listen with an open heart and follow your intuition about what comes next.  When you’re in the moment, you’re less likely to have injuries.  You’re more deliberate like the tiger placing his paw very carefully with each step as he approaches his prey.  Be very deliberate and aware of your body in this space.  You will discover that staying active IS for life and you will want nothing else.

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The War Against Food

We are in a war.  Have you noticed?  It’s a war that has been waged on our food.  It started back in the 1950s with the introduction of the TV dinner; picked up steam in the 1960s with introduction of fast food restaurant chains; and went completely viral in the 1970s, 80s and 90s processed GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods.  Now today we can see the effects of years of war and our lack of training and organization that has led to a nationwide epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver disease and colon cancer.

Whoa!  What happened?  As a nation we became fat, dumb and happy when it came to food.  We started accepting all kinds of laboratory creations in place of real food.  It has finally progressed to a point where some of our children, rich or poor, have never had anything but fast food.  They literally don’t know what it’s like to eat food that hasn’t been processed with GMO sugars, soy products, addictive food additives and known carcinogens.

The giant food industrial complex has grown into a mammoth machine which has practically taken over our agricultural industry forcing farmers into contracts to plant GMO crops.  If the farmers try to reverse this direction, they are sued and bullied until they acquiesce or go bankrupt.

From the looks of it, we the people are losing the war.  What can we do to stop this course, turn things around and start winning some battles.

  1. We can insist on better food labeling which includes identification of GMOs and known carcinogens.  There’s no reason for this stuff to be in our food supply.
  2. We can educate our children about how to eat healthy, fresh food.
  3. We can educate our friends and family about the dangers of too much processed food.  If you don’t understand the label, put it back.
  4. Start backyard and community gardens
  5. Withdraw our support from companies that produce the toxic foods on our grocery shelves.
  6. Withdraw out support from restaurants that promote toxic food.
  7. Go out and support those businesses that have pledged to clean up their menus and have actually done it.

Those are your marching orders.  Troops get to work cleaning out your pantries and refrigerators.  Dump all the toxic sugar filled, pesticide-ridden foods and step into better health.  We all have to start with our own pantries and letting our voices be heard so that we start winning this war against food.  It happens one battle at a time.  You will be well and age gracefully in the process.

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Detox On the Go

We’ve covered a lot of ways to clean up your act this month.  Today I was planning to talk about Detox On the Go because so many of us swear we don’t have enough time to take good care of ourselves.  Then it occurred to me while sitting in the airport that I need to address a very important topic again.  I spend a lot of time talking to people about the water they drink.  Why?  It’s one of the most toxic substances we deal with every day.

How can that be?  About a year ago, we are all alarmed at the stories coming out of Flint, Michigan about lead in the water and the devastating effect it had on the children in that city.  I thought it would be a great idea to revisit that topic with an update.


Think again.  Much has been published in the news for months now on the toxic water quality in Flint, Michigan.  A lot of finger pointing amongst politicians.  As usual the topics they argue over completely miss the point.  Flint’s water quality is poor but your own local drinking water contains many of the same chemicals found in Flint’s water.

Whoa!  How can that be true?  What people fail to realize is that your local water treatment facility is dumping some pretty awful things in the water like fluoride and chlorine.  This doesn’t even address all the glyphosates from the runoff of Monsanto’s Round Up product and all the pharmaceuticals that make their way into the sewer and show in reclaim water.  You may say why be concerned about this?  We need fluoride for our teeth and chlorine is a disinfectant.  Don’t we need these?

Remember that pesky Table of Elements from chemistry class.  A listing of the elements of the halogen group – from the top down are F – Fluorine; CL – Chlorine; Br – Bromine; I – Iodine; and At – Astatine.  Halogens don’t occur naturally as elements but they show up abundantly in chemical compounds.  Okay, enough for the chemistry lesson.  Of this group, iodine is the only one we absolutely need to survive and it promotes a healthy thyroid.  The others are suspect with astatine actually being radioactive.  Fluoride inhibits the thyroid from utilizing iodine.  Chlorine irritates the mucous membranes and the skin and it also displaces iodine.  By the way it’s been present in the artificial sweetener, Splenda.  :-0  Bromine is very disruptive to iodine absorption in the body, but especially in the thyroid gland.  Bromide causes lethargy, depression, headaches and irritability, and can be found in a lot of baked goods (added to the flour) and some soft drinks.  Harvard University published a study as recently as 2012 warning of the dangers of fluoride in neurological development and its tendency to lower IQ in children and adults.

So the obvious question is why add this stuff to our food and water?  Well it might have something to do with our politicians insisting on it.  Hmmm.

Those of you who are familiar with my past life will understand why I’m a credible source of information on this topic.  Having worked for one of the largest public water treatment districts in the country, I’ve seen first hand what gets dumped into our tap water.  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power also embarked on a very extensive and expensive cement lining project throughout the city because the pipes were so eroded from transporting the toxic soup to your tap.  I actually kept the stats for this project.

When you get a chance, watch this short film on Fluoride: Poison on Tap.  I cannot vouch for the products promoted at the end of the video, but I can tell you the information about fluoride in our drinking water is valid.

Iodine will bind up toxins like fluoride, chlorine and bromine which then protects your body from contamination.  Nascent iodine is a great source of this and can be taken orally.

While I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the Houston airport.  You know, one of those places where the TSA confiscates your bottle of water and forces you to buy a bottle of glorified tap water for $4.  What’s in that bottled water?  Most of us don’t want to know because we think we have no options.  Not so!  Some bottled waters are suspect with good reason.  Nestle was caught tapping into a city water system in California and bottling the water for sale.  Yes.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.  In July 2012, USA Today also reported that Nestle was tapping into the municipal water supply for some of their bottled water products.  They’re not the only company with suspect water products.

There is a solution to this.  You can carry a small bottle of nascent iodine with you on long trips.  Just a few drops in that bottled water and you’ve managed to achieve Detox On the Go.  For more information on Wellness and Graceful Aging, check me out here at or on Facebook at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health.

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