Diabetes Prevention and Weight Loss

Diabetes Prevention



Inspirational Health: How One Employee Achieved An Ideal Weight
 By Janice Woody, Diabetes Prevention Program Coach – 2014


My whole health transformation started a few years ago but kicked into high gear over the past year as I shared the amazing information from the Diabetes Prevention Program.  I knew I couldn’t get up in front of people and ask them to do what I wasn’t willing to do.  So with that, I started using the tools I was preparing to teach others and discovered something earth shattering: I was personally at risk for diabetes.  I couldn’t believe it.
I thought I was relatively healthy and not really that overweight.  What I found was shocking.  Because my Body Mass Index (BMI) was over 25, I had been at risk for many years.  I had been unable to really break through my weight barrier.  I was actually exhibiting symptoms of diabetes and didn’t even recognize them — frequent urination, excessive thirst — to name a few.  Many of us have that brick wall we just can’t seem to crash through.  So we tell ourselves that we’re really not that bad and we can live with the weight.
Finally, over the course of the past year, I was able to break through that wall, lose an additional 20 pounds, and get down to my optimum weight. I’m more active now as well, working out usually six days a week at my local Y.  I feel great and I know I dodged a bullet.  Diabetes can sneak up on anyone without showing any symptoms.  I was fortunate enough to get my weight and activity level under control and now live a healthier, happier life.




I went through a Lifestyle Transformation.  You may be struggling with a health challenge or just general dis – ease with your day to day life.  We all want optimum health, but few of us understand how to get there.  I have helped people by sharing this information for years, but I haven’t always followed my own advise.  Why you ask?  Because life happens.  All of us fall down at times and we wander off the path into the weeds, struggling to just get by.  Check out the photo of me below when I was half way through the 60 pound transformation.  By the way, the lady rocking the hat is my 93 year old mother.

When we finally commit to having some integrity and being honest with ourselves, then we can experience real and lasting change.  We all have blind spots when it comes to our own behavior. Other people can point these out to us very easily but we may have a hard time seeing these blind spots. We see other’s issues very easily but it’s only when we raise our level of awareness that we get a glimpse of our own. There is a powerful transformation that happens when we speak and act with integrity.  It’s a feeling of authenticity. A feeling of well being and alignment with who we really are.  We gain more than just weight loss.  We gain peace of mind, the treasured prize.

On our journey to transformation and a new life of weight loss, better health and more fulfilling relationships we may travel through diet land, boot camp universe, self help seminar 895 and feel that we can never get closer to this illusive perfect health. All of our efforts with personal trainers and diets, gurus and books will only yield fruit when we have planted the right seeds in our minds and take action to achieve our goals.

I lost the 60 pounds through a proven method of lifestyle transformation that required me to change not only what I was eating but the way I was eating.  I had to change my physical activity habits.  But most importantly, I had to change my mental and emotional habits as well.  These were no easy tasks and you may be struggling with these same issues.  I can help with that.  I love to share my journey and the little tips and tricks that have helped me to be healthy and age gracefully.

Click here  and let’s start a conversation and get you on your way to optimum health in mind, body and spirit.





THERE IS AN 800 POUND GORILLA IN THE ROOM!!!        800 Pound Gorilla photo

by Janice Woody

What if the extra 20 pounds you are carrying around is putting you at risk for Type 2 Diabetes?

What if tomorrow you are diagnosed with Diabetes and find out later that you can’t get insurance coverage?

What if your failing eyesight is linked to Diabetes?

These are all questions you may have asked yourself recently.  People with Diabetes don’t always have symptoms or they fail to notice them. Symptoms can include unusual thirst, frequent desire to urinate, blurred vision, feeling tired all the time …

A groundbreaking study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2002 highlighting research with 3234 non-diabetic participants over 2.8 years.

They wanted to see if modifying lifestyle or administering a drug, Metformin would prevent or delay the development of Type 2 Diabetes in people who had elevated blood sugar levels, were overweight, and led a sedentary lifestyle.  They had found that there was a connection between Diabetes and obesity.  A map of the United States showing areas of obesity could be overlaid with a map showing Diabetes and they were virtually the same.

Study results showed that by lowering participants body weight by a mere 7% and increasing their activity level to at least 150 minutes per week of brisk physical activity, participants were able to take themselves out of the high risk category for Diabetes.

Results were an astonishing 58% decrease in risk of developing Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes!

This is phenomenal news.  So why haven’t people been able to use this information?  The lifestyle intervention was more effective than the drug in reducing risk for Type 2 Diabetes!

Is that extra weight really worth the risks? Worth the risk of not seeing your children grow up? Maybe not seeing your grandchildren at all?

Carrying excess weight is a strain on all your internal organs, your joints and your skeletal frame.  Many of the complaints commonly heard from overweight or obese people revolve around joint pain; increasing reliance on prescription drugs due to internal issues with major organs (heart, kidneys, liver); and back, neck and leg pain.  All of these are can  result of being overweight.

There are a myriad of ways to reduce weight.  However, the most effective, long term weight loss has been seen by using a slower, more gradual approach that amounts to lifestyle change rather than accelerated dieting.  Almost any diet will work short term, but for real results that last, complete lifestyle change has proven to be the most effective.  Lifestyle change involves more than just obvious behavior change of eating patterns, but it involves a complete shift in thinking and mindset.

If it were easy to change, everyone would do it.  The issue is most people find they don’t have the tools to stick to a weight loss program and even fewer will commit to increased activity.  Those who do increase their activity may find themselves continually frustrated because the weight lingers on no matter how often or how hard they work out.  They are not aware that they’re eating too much of certain foods.

Being a part of a program that provides coaching and tools for success can turn this epidemic around.

There are about 79 million American adults with prediabetes, meaning they have elevated blood glucose levels.  There are approximately 25 million Americans with Diabetes.  That is a total of almost 100 million people affected by high glucose levels.  There are roughly 300 million American citizens.  So 1/3 of our population is affected by Diabetes in some way.  This is beyond an epidemic.  We are at DEFCON 5!!!

If you fit the MO – overweight, sedentary lifestyle and maybe even high blood glucose levels – TAKE ACTION for your health.  Remember, lifestyle change was more effective than drugs in preventing Diabetes.

If you can’t make significant changes on your own or you’re unclear on how to change, a coach may be the answer for you.  Questions about moving forward with your health and wellness goals can be addressed to lifetimehealth@earthlink.net

Janice Woody is a wellness and graceful aging coach.  She has worked with the joint Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program as a lifestyle coach and mentor.

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