Laughing Medicine for Graceful Aging

I love my grandma always. She taught me many things about life and living. One of the main things she taught me was how to laugh. She had a full belly laugh that was infectious and she laughed often. I can still hear her laugh. She laughed well into her eighties.

Laughter is the best medicine. It changes your vibration and lifts everyone around you. Dr. Bernie Siegel raved about how laughter helped him fight back cancer. Who has ever been able to remain sour after hearing a baby laugh? On the darkest rainiest day laughter can brighten any room.

“Find a laughter workshop, or think back on some very funny things that happened to you and others in your life—laughing at least every two or three hours each day will instantly give you a break from feeling emotionally down.  When we laugh, we cannot maintain a morose outlook at the same time.” Dr. Bernie Siegel

Laughing everyday is the key to wellness and graceful aging. Laugh and celebrate your freedom!

Here’s to laughing with ya!