Americans gained over 500 million pounds last year

What a headline! highlighted this sad commentary on the Standard American Diet (SAD). I see evidence of this weight gain all around me. At family gatherings the foods of choice many times are fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and red velvet cake. This is a high fat orgy and when you combine it with alcohol it seals the deal to poor health.

We can change this. It doesn’t have to be hard. Just take small steps toward healthier choices and no one will complain. We tend to crave fat, salt and sugar. We can still have these but make better quality choices. The big family gatherings can offer up baked and broiled chicken and fish instead. Bring a large tossed salad with healthy low fat dressings and lots of fresh, steamed vegetables. Offer up lots of fresh fruit and less pie and cake. People will appreciate not lapsing into a food coma after the meal. They might even be motivated to go for a walk around the block.

Hears to your Lifetime Health!
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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I am a proponent of a more natural lifestyle.  I truly believe and know from experience that food is medicine.

There is a historical reason for my biases.  My great-grandmother was Native American and she passed along much knowledge of plants and herbs to my grandmother.  I had the good fortune to live with my granny as a young girl.  As I played alongside her in the garden, I learned a few things.  I always assumed that everyone must know the importance of foods and herbs for good health.  Not so much.

A diet rich in plants, fresh fruits and vegetables, is one of the best ways to medicate yourself!  Use drugs when you need them, but use fresh food everyday to avoid illness altogether.

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Many of us find ourselves in position to give away food.  As with any gift, think about the receiver and how you will bless them with your gift.

When I give away food, whether at a party, potluck or to someone on the street, I strive to give something nourishing and delicious, free of toxic substances.  Food is medicine is my mindset guiding me to make healthful choices.

Today it’s watermelon and pineapple.  Tomorrow it may be organic beans and rice or a fresh green salad.  In service to you Lifetime Health!


Eat To Live

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – a day that strikes fear in the hearts of every dieter.  Eating to live is not what most people think about on the day of the BIG game.

How do you enjoy the Super Bowl or any national ritual without gaining 10 pounds? Don’t even try to talk people out of their chicken wings and beer.  Take a fresh approach.  Make your own wings with antibiotic free, non-GMO chicken and a variety of healthy, delicious dips like these:

  • green chili salsa
  • sweet&sour sauce made with maple syrup and organic red wine vinegar & spices
  • nonfat yogurt mixed with a special tasty spice blend of cumin, smokey paprika, sea salt, cracked black pepper and just a hint of nutmeg

Try baking the wings or slipping them under the broiler instead of deep frying.  These wings won’t kill you and I doubt you will get any complaints.  Just keep the beer cold and coming.

Ah… Now should I go to that pre-game Chili Cookoff Contest?  Hmmm… They usually have some good veggie chili entries.  Better bring a fruit platter to freshen up the place.  Here’s to your Lifetime Health!