Summer Fun: Observations On the Go

Laugh in the face of hypocrisy.   Every day all around you there are hypocrites operating in broad daylight.  Since many of us are still confused about the very nature of reality, this presents a problem.  You can realize the seriousness of this and still find the humor in it as well.  Many days I laugh at the bold faced lies being told to us because if I didn’t laugh in that moment, I might be crying.  We watch as our world appears to be taken over by every imaginable evil and yet life always finds a way.  The very earth we live on is living and breathing underneath us and we fail to appreciate this phenomenal occurrence.  Take for instance the very controversial issue of pumping oil.  This is so deep, it’s deeper than oil if you understand what I mean.  

Hopefully you haven’t been living under a rock and you’ve heard of peak oil.  Well, we’re long past that point but we’ve noticed something remarkable happening.  Oil wells are starting to refill themselves leading us to question – what is oil really?  (Are Oil Wells Recharging Themselves?, 3/5/2012)   We’ve been told that oil is fossil fuel and without it we could never have built this current modern civilization.   But is it really?  If oil is in fact a fossil fuel, that once pumped out of the ground, is depleted, then what explains the refilling of oil wells?  It’s always worth it to look back at ancient knowledge and what our ancient texts have told us about the world we live in.  This is not trendy or sexy so you won’t hear many propose this answer.  I was taught that Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity worthy of my respect and deference.  I stand firmly in the camp offering that oil is not a fossil fuel but the blood of Mother Earth.  Therefore, it is being regenerated in the same way that our human bodies regenerate blood.  Blood is the life force pumping through our veins.  If we get cut and bleed out, we die.  The same is true for Mother Earth.  If we manage to pump enough of her blood out faster than she can replenish it, she will die.  Fortunately, she is smarter than us and is finding ways to regenerate her blood.  This makes me laugh at the foolishness of man and the amazing power of nature.

All is not as it seems.  Be ever vigilant for there are many who wish to deceive you.  The deception and hypocrisy is present at every level of life.  We encounter it every day but like the frog in a pot of warm water, we think everything is fine because it feels good right now.  As things heat up and we find our bodies wracked with disease, pain and suffering, we may become aware of all the lies we’ve been told.  Lies about what to eat, lies about what is safe, lies about where to live, lies about who we are and where we came from, lies about the very nature of reality.  As you discover all these lies, you want to know the truth.  You start demanding the truth.  If you can’t get it from your authority figures, you go out on a personal quest for the answers.  Even grandmas go on the internet these days to get information on things they hear about on facebook.  Somehow your gut knows when you’re not getting the truth.  You might be a little dazed and confused from all the bad food, dirty water and pharmaceuticals.  But you still have enough consciousness to realize there’s more to the story than what you’re being told.  Unfortunately, lies can be made to look very real.  You can’t always trust you physical eyes to tell you the truth.  Watch any good magician and you realize this.

Be alert.  Follow you intuition, listen for that still small voice.  It leads to clarity.  When everyone around you is telling you something that just doesn’t feel right, stop and become still.  Listen to your inner voice, access your higher self and know what is right for you.  This may not only save your life, it can bring you peace.

If you haven’t had a good laugh today, this one will really get you going.  Read labels and pay attention. 

Check out the back of the maple syrup jar.

Maple syrup back

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