If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, you know how important it is to prepare the soil and plant good seeds. Good seeds give you a good crop.

The same is true for our internal life. If we expect to see good results in our lives, we need to prepare our spiritual soil and plant good seeds. These seeds are our thoughts. We can prepare the ground with meditation. When we spend time in contemplation of good thoughts that’s the same as dropping our good seeds in the peaceful mind of meditation.

We can expect a great harvest, a life of abundance because we planted good seeds.
All that work results in us bringing good food to the table daily. Good food on the table is another way to share our love. Bon appetit!

1st Harvest Benefits

What is the magic in the first harvest of the growing season? The magic of capturing the first fruits of your labor. The magic of witnessing life. The magic of working with nature to produce healthful, life giving food. This is the magic of the fall season here in North America. We get to witness the glory of creation and celebrate.

There are truly millions of reasons why eating fruits and vegetables give us life and energy. Our millions of cells are a testament to truth. They thrive when we feed them fresh food. Unfortunately so many of us have been programmed to eat garbage but now is the time to awaken. Break free from the matrix and feed yourself life giving food.

Back when we first planted the thought seeds of a garden we envisioned this first harvest. It was our thoughts that led to a desire to eat better, to be a part of the process and promote growth in our garden. The garden of our mind had to be prepared first to now have the bounty of the first fruits.

One of my favorite doctors, Dr. Michael Greger has given us compelling evidence of the benefits to our bodies and minds of plant based diets. Listen to what he had to say.