Hydration for Your Beautiful Skin

The human body temple is an overwhelming phenomenon.  We have spent hundreds and thousands of years studying the body and still all we can do is partially describe some of its processes.  Why does a cut immediately start to cure itself?  What mysterious force goes to work immediately to bring the necessary tools to the site of the cut?  How does the body know how much fluid to keep in every cell?  How does it know to make the most of whatever it is given?

Our beautiful skin is the benefactor of this knowledge.  It will use whatever it is given.  If given sufficient nutrition and plenty of clean water, it will give superior protection to our frame and internal organs.  When we deprive the body of nutrition and clean water, the skin shrivels up in wrinkles and all manner of other ailments because the cells are starving.  Just as your kidneys shut down if you stop drinking.  Your skin shuts down without hydration.  Some people think that coffee, diet coke, vodka and energy drinks are all the hydration they need.  Now if this is your daily hydration, you may be thinking – “what’s wrong with that?  I drank a bottle of water yesterday!  Besides I have to have my coffee in the morning or I CAN’T FUNCTION!!!!!”

What if you tried something new?  Try getting a good night’s sleep and drinking 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning.  AH…Sleep, that illusive fleeting experience we’ve all heard of but few get to experience for extended periods of time.  You may ask – “What does sleep have to do with hydration?”  Everything.

When we don’t sleep, the body gets overwhelmed and functions at a low capacity.  Many functions of bodily repair happen while we sleep and they require hours of uninterrupted sleep for completion.  The skin shows it first with dark circles and bags under the eyes.  Then we drink coffee, diet coke and energy drinks to keep us going, further intensifying the problem because these substances interfere with normal bodily functions and sleep patterns.  Then we become tense, stressed and aggravated reaching for the vodka to dull our pain and duress so we can sleep!  All the while, we fail to realize that the lack of proper hydration is what put us in this vicious cycle.

Drinking more clean water helps to flush out the toxins from any garbage we are drinking and the bad food we are eating.  Drinking clean water is one of the keys to beautiful skin.  The body takes water and uses it to operate all the systems it’s running in this complex structure.  One of the key systems that needs water is the digestive tract.  It uses the water we drink and the water squeezed out of the fiber we eat to move waste through the colon and out of the system.  If it has no water to work with, a plumbing problem arises and there’s a back-up.   You can call in the plumber and take a laxative, but that just gives the system more toxins to expel and it’s a painful way to solve the problem.

So that 16-ounce steak and baked potato have nowhere to go because there was no fiber in the gut and the vodka just wouldn’t replace that much needed glass of H2O.  Not to mention the fact that 4 days later you’re still trying to process that steak.  This is taxing on any “body” but an older, battled scarred model over 50 really struggles here and aging is far from graceful at this point.  You’ve driven up your levels of oxidative stress which ages you.  You’ve stress out your digestive system which ages you.  Your skin shows the stress in bags, lines and wrinkles.  OH!  What to do?

Sit down, relax and have a glass of clear, clean, delicious water.  You’ll never look more beautiful.

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Skin Nutrition: What to Eat for a Glowing Complexion

It’s time to get down to business and clean out your pantry.  A healthy glowing complexion comes from within.  You might be able to rub on a few creams and get a temporary solution to the lines and wrinkles, but ultimately BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP!

Your skin is your largest organ and can be the microscope into your overall health.  Whatever you eat shows up on your skin.  Are you struggling with acne in your later years? Or do you have skin tags, those embarrassing little pieces that stick out and make you look old?  Do you have rosacea, psoriasis, hyper pigmentation, eczema, edema, shingles or any number of issues that you struggle to resolve every day?

These are all an indication that you may have other internal health issues.  Your skin acts to warn you about deficiencies in your diet and problems with other organs.  An organic plant-based diet will help you clean out your system and help you flush toxins out of your organs, including your skin.  What I hear from students and clients many times is this: “I just don’t like vegetables” OR “I eat vegetables all the time”(then I look at their journals and see chicken, pork, beef, bread, a lot of cheese, overly processed meat, dairy and baked goods, OH and occasionally a vegetable).  What I just described was all in one meal.  My students have to track their entire day.  Sometimes I see this same meal three times and no vegetables are on the plate.

If you want clear, glowing, healthy skin, make vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and fruit the focus of your diet. It’s better if you get these organic and process them as little as possible.  If your skin looks and feels bad, it’s because it’s not getting proper nutrition.  As I said before, I have creams and solutions you can rub on, but the underlying issue has to be resolved to get to optimum health.  So what is the next big question I get, again and again?  Well, how will I get enough protein if I focus on vegetables?

Our bodies were designed to eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  We can easily absorb the nutrition from these foods.  Where do you think the cows, pigs and chickens you eat get their nutrition?  Anything you get from an animal is second hand.  They get the vegetable nutrition from processing the vegetables and grains they eat.  They get first hand nutrition.  If they’re not locked up in some cage, they tend to be very healthy on that diet.  So are we.

In our fast paced lives, I’ve noticed that people tend to be obsessed with protein.  They are taking in protein shakes for breakfast and eating protein bars for snacks.  Given the large number of meat eaters I deal with on a daily basis, I’m puzzled by this behavior.  I thought they were eating all the meat to get protein.  If that’s the case, then why the need for all these other products?  We can ingest too much of these products causing our kidneys to work overtime processing.  This is why most people are forced off high protein diets.  The body starts to fight back and eventually they revert back to something that’s more balanced.  I don’t know anyone who has been able to stay on a trendy diet long term.  But I do know lots of people who have learned how to transform their lifestyles to eat healthy balanced meals without dieting.  And by the way, they lost a lot of weight in the process and avoided diabetes.

At one time or another, we’ve all been victims of the diet merry-go-round.  It’s okay to jump off and seek a better way.  Real food will always be the key to better health, better skin, better spirit.  So get the Pantry Hook Up at JaniceWoody.com and throw out all that old toxic imposter food.  Your skin will thank you and you will age gracefully.  Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

Skin Health: Why We Need the Sunshine On Our Skin

Because I’m a Leo, I’m a natural sun worshipper.  The sun is in my sign this month of August and it’s the powerful, life giving force in our lives.

All ancient Peoples had a reverence for the Sun and an understanding of it’s importance in our lives.  They understood that without the Sun, we would quickly wither and die.  They might not have expressed their understanding in today’s scientific terms but their understanding was just as valid.  We dismiss the Sun’s importance at our peril.  I’ve even heard some global warming enthusiasts state that people are responsible for all the devastating climate change we are experiencing.  This is ludicrous.  People obviously may have some role in what happens with our climate but the Sun is King.  Knowing and predicting what the Sun will do is far more important to understanding how we will live on Earth in the future.  We need the Sun for our current state of existence.

We need the sun on our skin for optimum health.  You’ve probably heard more than you want about Vitamin D and how we need this.  The best way to get Vitamin D is for the body to produce it naturally from direct exposure to the Sun.  Sun bathing is a cat’s favorite pastime.  All you Leonine cats get it.  Unfortunately, like everything in our modern information overload culture, people have been bombarded with so much “information” that in many cases, they have stopped using common sense.  We’ve known for a long time that we need sun exposure but we have allowed a deluge of scary tales of skin cancer to keep us out of the Sun or have us lathering on copious amounts of dubious sunscreen.  All that sunscreen is keeping you from getting the benefits of the Sun’s life-giving rays.  Yes, if you are not fortunate enough to have any melanin in your skin, you obviously need to limit your exposure, BUT you still need some exposure.  Trying to substitute artificial chemicals for what the body produces naturally has led us down a very tortured path.  People are now willing to substitute all kinds of processed concoctions in place of real food and real medicine.  Nature does always know best.  Use some common sense when out in the Sun, but don’t deny yourself the benefits of this life-giving force.

The Sun is electric as is everything in our amazing Universe.  That means that our bodies are also electric.  There are 12 major systems in our bodies and for any of it to work, we need a spark, a charge.  There’s a reason we talk about relaxing to “recharge” our batteries.  We are a battery just like that image from The Matrix.  If the electrical signals in your heart stop right now, you’re toast.  When I administer CPR and have to use an AED, it’s to get an electrical charge into the heart to get that muscle to once again pump blood to the brain.  But unlike a car battery, if I can’t get that engine to turn over, the consequences are devastating to everyone involved.  The Sun is that source, that spark that keeps life on Earth vibrant and pulsing.

Today if you’re fortunate enough to have a sunny day, get outside for a few minutes and soak up those life-giving rays.  You will feel the impact on your physical body, on your mind and the thought process, on your emotions and your outlook.  A sunny day can help wipe away depression and negative thinking, if you let it.  A sunny day can make you perky and happy, if you let it.  Take a page out of the Leo bible and let that hot, firery nature wash over you.  Your skin will thank you.

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