The War Against Food

We are in a war.  Have you noticed?  It’s a war that has been waged on our food.  It started back in the 1950s with the introduction of the TV dinner; picked up steam in the 1960s with introduction of fast food restaurant chains; and went completely viral in the 1970s, 80s and 90s processed GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods.  Now today we can see the effects of years of war and our lack of training and organization that has led to a nationwide epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver disease and colon cancer.

Whoa!  What happened?  As a nation we became fat, dumb and happy when it came to food.  We started accepting all kinds of laboratory creations in place of real food.  It has finally progressed to a point where some of our children, rich or poor, have never had anything but fast food.  They literally don’t know what it’s like to eat food that hasn’t been processed with GMO sugars, soy products, addictive food additives and known carcinogens.

The giant food industrial complex has grown into a mammoth machine which has practically taken over our agricultural industry forcing farmers into contracts to plant GMO crops.  If the farmers try to reverse this direction, they are sued and bullied until they acquiesce or go bankrupt.

From the looks of it, we the people are losing the war.  What can we do to stop this course, turn things around and start winning some battles.

  1. We can insist on better food labeling which includes identification of GMOs and known carcinogens.  There’s no reason for this stuff to be in our food supply.
  2. We can educate our children about how to eat healthy, fresh food.
  3. We can educate our friends and family about the dangers of too much processed food.  If you don’t understand the label, put it back.
  4. Start backyard and community gardens
  5. Withdraw our support from companies that produce the toxic foods on our grocery shelves.
  6. Withdraw out support from restaurants that promote toxic food.
  7. Go out and support those businesses that have pledged to clean up their menus and have actually done it.

Those are your marching orders.  Troops get to work cleaning out your pantries and refrigerators.  Dump all the toxic sugar filled, pesticide-ridden foods and step into better health.  We all have to start with our own pantries and letting our voices be heard so that we start winning this war against food.  It happens one battle at a time.  You will be well and age gracefully in the process.

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