There always comes that time when I have to ask one of my clients, ‘How bad do you want it?’ What is optimal health worth to you?

One of my favorite excuses is …’But it felt so good eating that ‘fill in the blank’…
‘I just didn’t have time for a workout because of the kids and work, blah, blah, blah…’

Every day is a series of choices. Many of us use our family obligations as an excuse to sidestep a healthy lifestyle and at what price? The family that you love so much would probably be in worse shape if you suddenly fell ill or worse died due to poor health. But you say, ‘I’m not that bad. I’m not on death’s door’. Really? How do you know that? The bad choices you made yesterday are impacting you today. Likewise, the good choices from yesterday are bringing you benefits, seen and unseen today. No one is promised tomorrow or today for that matter! If you’re not making the most of your life today, you’re essentially throwing away a day and saying that you really don’t care if you’re not around to enjoy life and your family. Choice is like that. It’s brutal and honest.

Start with a small seemingly easy choice just for today. There is nothing complicated about this. It’s just a choice. What will you choose? Some quiet time alone to recharge? a healthy breakfast? some much needed sleep? a brisk walk in the park? calling an old friend to say I love you? It’s just a choice. You drop a pebble in that pond and the ripples burst out in every direction. Be grateful for each and every choice. Surround each choice with love.

So once again, what is optimal health worth to you? What choices will you make today? You can only choose in this minute, moment to moment. Will you take an honest look at your life and decide for health?

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

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