Budding Opportunities – Being in Nature

I use the term Being in Nature vs. Being with or Being out in because this life is about who we are being in each moment.  We are as much a part of nature as the trees we walk past daily.  We can’t help but be “in” nature.  There is a symbiotic relationship here.  We are kin with the birds and the squirrels because we all have a common source of being.  Many days I’m talking with people who feel overwhelmed by the act of living.  I think and feel that our stress with living comes from not realizing our connection with everything around us.  When brother bird sings, he’s communicating with you.  Are you listening?  It may be a sweet melodious chirp I’m hearing or a somber chant.  Many times I can feel the direct connection between me, what’s happening in my life and the bird’s song.  If he’s doing a somber chant, did I suddenly become aware of him because I’m going through a particularly difficult time?  Or am I overjoyed by some wonderful new blessing and because of that I hear gleeful chirping?  We are all connected.  It doesn’t mean we are all the same.  We are just connected in the web of life and we have messages for each other that can uplift and feed our souls.

This is what creates true abundance in life.  The never-ending connection between everything.  When we tap into this, we start to understand the universe is infinite and there is no lack of anything.  It is our narrow perceptions that steal this truth from us.  My ancestors were connected in a very basic way and taught me to value this connection to everything.  All those days in my grandma’s garden watching and helping her tend to and nurture the crops was my foundation in the truth of abundance.  Watching her shake the peach tree to collect that delectable sweet, juicy fruit taught me that one day it would be my turn to shake the tree.  And because of her, I would know how.  Giving thanks for everything that came, taught me about the most powerful energy in the universe, love and gratitude.

We are living in the month of May and it is full of budding opportunities to realize our connection and how we are being in nature,  Are we growing?  Are the buds in our lives blossoming?  When we become aware of our connection, we begin to see this growth.  The growth leads to maturity, then death which leads us back to the start of the cycle with birth.  None of this is to be feared but appreciated and acknowledged.  We are  part of the never-ending cycle of love and gratitude.

Ask yourself this question.  Who am I being in this moment?  Would I be proud of my great, great-grandchildren knowing this person?  Am I living the values I preach to my family and friends?  Or am I a straight up hypocrite?  Every moment is a choice about who we are being.  Stay in the now and stay connected.  Nature teaches you how to be in harmony with everything and everyone around you.

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Being in Nature

When I don’t get my nature time each week, I can feel it in my core. My spirit cries out for energy. Instead of lapsing into one of my control dramas or recycling my head trash, I run to the park and soak up the sun, trees, plants, ducks, everything.

Time spent in nature raises your vibration, giving you more energy. But what would make this “more impactful” than just playing your favorite video game that makes you happy. Quantum physics 101 – everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Trees and flowers are vibrating with high energy life force. Try sitting in a room playing your video game or surfing Facebook for an hour and notice how you feel. Then get out to the park, the beach or your favorite trail for an hour. One will give you more energy and support a better mood. Test it out and prove me wrong. I’m confident you won’t be able to show more benefit from the video game. Electronics tend to drain our energy. That’s part of the reason you may feel drained after an entire day on the computer. You think to yourself, “Why am I so hungry? All I did was sit at the computer all day.” Most people don’t stop to notice how they feel. They just reach for a Red Bull or another cup of coffee. Trying desperately to stay alert, you may find yourself doing this too in the afternoon. What if you took a brisk 10-15 minute walk around the block or to a nearby park? The energy you receive will give you the stamina to get back to work alert and focused. You may also notice a change in your mood, a lighter more engaging YOU.

Just being in nature can have a calming effect on the breath, brain function, blood pressure and other bodily systems. While you’re there, try a short meditation and soak up the energy and power of this amazing planet Earth.

Here’s to Your Lifetime Health!