Hydration for Your Beautiful Skin

The human body temple is an overwhelming phenomenon.  We have spent hundreds and thousands of years studying the body and still all we can do is partially describe some of its processes.  Why does a cut immediately start to cure itself?  What mysterious force goes to work immediately to bring the necessary tools to the site of the cut?  How does the body know how much fluid to keep in every cell?  How does it know to make the most of whatever it is given?

Our beautiful skin is the benefactor of this knowledge.  It will use whatever it is given.  If given sufficient nutrition and plenty of clean water, it will give superior protection to our frame and internal organs.  When we deprive the body of nutrition and clean water, the skin shrivels up in wrinkles and all manner of other ailments because the cells are starving.  Just as your kidneys shut down if you stop drinking.  Your skin shuts down without hydration.  Some people think that coffee, diet coke, vodka and energy drinks are all the hydration they need.  Now if this is your daily hydration, you may be thinking – “what’s wrong with that?  I drank a bottle of water yesterday!  Besides I have to have my coffee in the morning or I CAN’T FUNCTION!!!!!”

What if you tried something new?  Try getting a good night’s sleep and drinking 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning.  AH…Sleep, that illusive fleeting experience we’ve all heard of but few get to experience for extended periods of time.  You may ask – “What does sleep have to do with hydration?”  Everything.

When we don’t sleep, the body gets overwhelmed and functions at a low capacity.  Many functions of bodily repair happen while we sleep and they require hours of uninterrupted sleep for completion.  The skin shows it first with dark circles and bags under the eyes.  Then we drink coffee, diet coke and energy drinks to keep us going, further intensifying the problem because these substances interfere with normal bodily functions and sleep patterns.  Then we become tense, stressed and aggravated reaching for the vodka to dull our pain and duress so we can sleep!  All the while, we fail to realize that the lack of proper hydration is what put us in this vicious cycle.

Drinking more clean water helps to flush out the toxins from any garbage we are drinking and the bad food we are eating.  Drinking clean water is one of the keys to beautiful skin.  The body takes water and uses it to operate all the systems it’s running in this complex structure.  One of the key systems that needs water is the digestive tract.  It uses the water we drink and the water squeezed out of the fiber we eat to move waste through the colon and out of the system.  If it has no water to work with, a plumbing problem arises and there’s a back-up.   You can call in the plumber and take a laxative, but that just gives the system more toxins to expel and it’s a painful way to solve the problem.

So that 16-ounce steak and baked potato have nowhere to go because there was no fiber in the gut and the vodka just wouldn’t replace that much needed glass of H2O.  Not to mention the fact that 4 days later you’re still trying to process that steak.  This is taxing on any “body” but an older, battled scarred model over 50 really struggles here and aging is far from graceful at this point.  You’ve driven up your levels of oxidative stress which ages you.  You’ve stress out your digestive system which ages you.  Your skin shows the stress in bags, lines and wrinkles.  OH!  What to do?

Sit down, relax and have a glass of clear, clean, delicious water.  You’ll never look more beautiful.

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