Detox January continues with COLON CLEANSE

It’s the start of a new year and we are in detox mode.  The gyms are packed, at least for another month, and we are determined to lose that extra weight!

How many of you are in this cycle right now?  This doesn’t have to be a January THING every year and then you fall off the wagon, get dragged for miles before you give up and finally go back to the old life.

What if you did something different this year?  What if you really made a lifestyle transformation?  That’s right!  NO MORE DIETS!  EVER!  It’s very possible and you can do it.  Last week we talked about Cleaning Out the Head Trash as part of our new year’s detox.  Now let’s get down to it.  To live at optimum health, you need a healthy body to go along with that clean calm peaceful mind.  The best way to start cleaning up your body is by doing a colon cleanse.

The colon is a powerful organ in your body and next to your heart is a major determinate of your quality of life.  If your colon is not functioning properly, clogged up, not moving, it can be like a bad day on the 405 freeway in L.A.  You just want to get out of your car and walk away.  Or better yet, grow wings and fly away.

Speaking as someone who has lived through cancer and the horrifying surgery that came with it, paying close attention to my colon health is one of the main reasons I’m still alive, healthy and full of energy.  I cleanse on a regular basis and you should consider doing this also.  It’s worth the effort and you’re taking a preventative approach to your health.  That makes a lot more sense than waiting for something to go wrong and then running to the doctor.  Maybe you are already suffering with one of the many colon related illnesses such as leaky gut and diverticulitis.  For you a good colon cleanse will help alleviate some of the suffering.

I recommend using a supplement along with diet and exercise to help you detox and clean out the garbage.  I highly recommend PHYSIQ Cleanse which is a natural way to help your body cleanse and promote proper digestive function using 8 natural ingredients to soothe, heal and gently cleanse your colon.  It also promotes healthy function in your gall bladder and urinary tract.  Go to my website for more information on this.  Just click on “one of my SECRETS” tab.

You’re going to want to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables while you’re doing the cleanse and avoid bulky foods like red meat, chicken, turkey and pork.  These foods can sometimes take days to clear your digestive tract and basically they nullify your efforts at detoxing.  You also want to drink lots of clean water.  Eighty ounces a day would be helpful.

You’ve heard me talk about eating more veggies and fruit.  My clients and students think I’m a broken record or should I say CD.  Yes, the CD is scratched at that point!  Optimally you want to eat at least 4 cups of fruits and veggies each day.  This will be a lot easier during your cleanse since you’re avoiding meats.  I would add to that also avoid dairy products as well.  Cheese can bind you up just as quickly as a 10 oz. steak.

Don’t attempt to stay in cleanse mode longer than 7 days.  And when you’re done, be gentle with yourself and focus on continuing with your increased intake of fruit and veggies.  I tell my clients that if they are eating a meal consisting of only meat and starch, that is a RED flag.  STOP!  Put some vegetables on that plate.  If you’re on the go, grab a bag of carrots, celery, an apple, a pear, some grapes.  If 4 cups of fruits and vegetables is just too much to wrap your head around, start with 2 cups each day.  That takes care of two meals right away.  You can work up to the rest.

So there you have it!  Detox January is continuing with a much need colon cleanse.  If you want to know more about how I help my clients achieve optimum health in mind, body and spirit, visit me here at and at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health on Facebook.  If you like this, please click the like button and share it with your friends.

Hear’s to your Lifetime Health!