REBIRTH: Life Extension Technology

The headlines read as follows:


LIVE FOREVER: Scientists say they’ll soon extend life ‘well beyond 120’

Life Extension Technologies To Facilitate Elite Technocracy

I thought life extension a fitting topic for this week given many people around the world are celebrating Easter, the time when Jesus The Christ was resurrected, reborn, rose from the tomb.  In other words, he defeated death. 

Have we actually figured out how to accomplish this feat?  Reading those headlines would have you believe that.  So far there’s been a lot of talk from transhumanists and life extension scientists.  We are still waiting on the proof.  Transhumanists believe we should all eventually merge with machines to become super human and godlike.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound good to me.  Why would humans, quite possibly the most sophisticated creations in this world, want to merge with something substandard like a machine.  A machine that we made by the way.

 I have yet to get a piece of software completely free of bugs.  I don’t think I would sign on to merging with a machine running on software.  I have consciousness and “superhuman” powers now.  I have memory, imagination, intuition, reason right now.  And these are far superior to any manmade machine. Modern scientists don’t yet understand the animating spirit of humanity so how can they hope to improve upon it.  As I pointed out two weeks ago, we know how to slow down the aging process.  This one thing will most likely extend the lives of millions of people, some even beyond 120.

 Another huge question remains – exactly who gets the life extension?  If by some stroke of luck, scientists were to unlock the secret to life extension, would it be available to everyone?  Who would decide?  These are troubling questions in a world gone mad with elites seeking to control every aspect of our daily lives with technology.  We are being surveilled like never before.  We are followed around the web incessantly with every purchase or comment catalogued.  All so we can be the target of someone’s marketing campaign.  Will Amazon sell us life extension also?

 I’m a big proponent of life extension for EVERYONE.  We obviously didn’t create ourselves out of thin air.  I don’t think little minds should have the power to decide who lives longer and who dies a miserable death in despair and suffering.  I don’t think little minds should have that power.  People obsessed with controlling others have little, small minds.  Their “superhuman” powers definitely don’t shine through.  Maybe they might be happier merged with a machine.  Then the rest of us can get on with the joy of living life beyond 120.

Here’s to your LONG Lifetime Health!

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Regenerating Healthy Cells & Gut Health

This is one of the reasons I’m so anal about colon cleansing and colon health.  Regenerating healthy cells leads to longevity.  What happens in our gut determines whether or not we will regenerate healthy cells and enjoy a long and prosperous life.

Dr. Michael Greger M.D is one of the few western medical doctors who took the time to educate himself on nutrition.  He states, “What we eat determines what kind of bacteria we foster the growth of in our gut, which can increase or decrease our risk of some of our leading killer diseases.”

Watch his quick video on How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem and think about what you are feeding your gut everyday.  How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem

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Graceful Aging Through Technology

I talk a lot about graceful aging through lifestyle transformation, better food, physical activity, spiritual development.  Another aspect of graceful aging is using technology to slow down the aging process.  By no means will we escape death, but we can leave on our own terms.  We can live long, rich loving lives in good health and face death with no fear or regrets.

I’ve spent considerable time researching this topic and one of the major causes of aging is oxidative stress.  You may not be familiar with that term, but you may have heard of free radicals.  Free radicals are a byproduct of the body’s engine.  We breathe, eat, live, excrete as human “engines”.  At the cellular level this is also happening.  We have over 100 trillion cells in our bodies and each one is going through this process.  The waste products of the cell are free radicals.  As with all waste, if you don’t take out the trash, you find that your environment is soon degraded and not a nice place to live.  The body can produce trillions of free radicals every moment of every day.

Of course because we are so miraculously made, our bodies have an internal mechanism for taking out the trash.  They are called antioxidants.  Our bodies produce antioxidants to combat the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  This is why normal children and young adults don’t really age until around the age of 20.  Prior to that, their bodies produce adequate antioxidants to combat the onslaught of free radicals every day.  Mysteriously, around the age of 20, a switch gets flipped in our DNA and suddenly our capacity to make antioxidants is reduced.  This doesn’t happen quickly but slowly over time our production of antioxidants declines and we start to age.  As we age, the our cells are continuously ravaged year after year by free radicals and we start to see signs of aging at first, then we may start to see the diseases of aging, heart failure, diabetes, stroke, cancer.  All of these are linked to high levels of oxidative stress.

Until recently western medicine had no knowledge of how to mitigate oxidative stress.  Thousands of papers were written about it, but western medical doctors had no answer except to counsel people to take in more antioxidant foods and vitamins.  Did you ever wonder why all of a sudden, everywhere you looked were products pushing antioxidants?  Did it seem like just another fad or crazy scheme?  Well, there was something to that.  We didn’t know why the body stopped producing antioxidants so the next best thing was to promote vitamins.  An entire industry skyrocketed to the top in sales of vitamins and all kinds of supplements.  Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff was substandard and the very premise that you could stop oxidative stress with vitamins was a flawed concept.  You cannot ingest enough Vitamin C to mitigate the trillions of free radicals in your system every moment.  One antioxidant removes one free radical, a 1:1 proposition.  As I stated earlier, we produce trillions of free radicals every minute.

But this is truth for a western approach.  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  But something amazing happened back in the early 2000’s.  Dr. Joe McCord, working at the University of Colorado, developed a way to actually slow down oxidative stress in such a way that it could meaningfully impact your health.  He created a proprietary blend of 5 eastern and western herbs and plants that proved to be a breakthrough in modern medicine.  It has changed the paradigm.  We now have a way to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days and up to 70% in 90 days.  It’s called Protandim.  I call it a modern miracle.

Protandim helps your body turn on the switch and go back to making your own antioxidants the way you did as a child.  And it has a cumulative effect over time, reversing some of the damaging effects of aging, like wrinkly skin.  I’ve taken this product for almost a decade and it’s still a secret.  People are caught up in quick fixes for every imaginable ailment instead of getting at the root cause of most diseases of aging.  Stop taking antioxidants and create your own internal antioxidants.

To get a closer look at the earlier research done by Dr. McCord, check out this ABC Primetime investigative report done back on 2005 by John Quinones.  Watch the video.

To get Protandim and other anti aging products, go here Nrf2 Synegizer.

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Be Aware of Your Body in this Space

Hopefully  by now you are staying active for life.  I see my clients taking this on each day.  Some of them went down that slippery slope to “the old life” but they are seeing that all it takes to get back on track is to simply start over.  You will start over as many times as you need to get to the goal.  That is what life is about.  Starting over.  This is your power to deal with anything life presents.

One of the foundations of  my meditation practice is starting over.  When your mind takes you off on a fantasy or some worry, you simply start over and return to an awareness of your breath.  It’s that simple and that daunting.  We get so frustrated with the idea of starting over when this is our true power in this life of distractions.

So you started over and went for a 15 minute walk this time.  As I’ve said before, if you don’t have 10-15 minutes for yourself, you are a slave.  BREAK FREE!  Here’s a little tip for making a jailbreak.

Be aware of your body in this space.  So you got out on your 15 minute break from work or your lunch half hour and you decided to walk.  Great!  Instead of plugging in your iPhone earplugs to listen to music, plug into your inner world and listen to your body.  It’s speaking to you every day.  Are you listening?  Start by taking 5 minutes of your workout session, walk, run, swim, whatever and just listen.  What is your body telling you?  Make friends with it.  To be a good friend to anyone, you have to first be a good friend to yourself.  Is your friend needing some affection and comfort?  Is your friend saying “Please lay off the fried food.  You’re slowing me down.” Is your friend feeling invigorated and excited about having a healthy body?  Listen, feel your body in this space.  Feel your feet hitting the ground, your legs moving through the water, your body flying through the air as you go for that lay-up and put the ball into the basket.  Feel it.  Be in the moment, paying attention to all your senses, listening.

Listening is the greatest gift you can give a friend.  Be that friend to your body.  Listen with an open heart and follow your intuition about what comes next.  When you’re in the moment, you’re less likely to have injuries.  You’re more deliberate like the tiger placing his paw very carefully with each step as he approaches his prey.  Be very deliberate and aware of your body in this space.  You will discover that staying active IS for life and you will want nothing else.

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Be Active in Your Food Choices

Staying active for life may be a real challenge for you now.  Look at it this way.  You can make the effort to live an active lifestyle or pay the price in decreased health, faster aging, more doctor visits, more aches and pain.  You decide.  It’s that easy.

One way to lead a more active lifestyle and also make better food choices would be to grow some of your food.  Along with this you can make the move to prepare more fresh meals.  Actually start looking at your food choices as a way to get some physical activity.  Gardening is a great way to stay active.  It requires doing deep squats, dead lifts, bicep curls, hoeing, raking and excessive stretching, pulling and walking. 🙂

But you say, I don’t have enough room for a garden.  I live in a condo or apartment.  Ah yes.  You can still grow food.  Start a container garden on your patio consisting of one large planter or just several large pots.  What?  No space on the patio or you don’t have one.  Try a large window or the kitchen counter to display small pots of herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, salad greens, you name it.  When you think outside the box, there’s always a way to find space for a beautiful little garden.

Living with plants has many benefits for your health beside just eating them.  Plants help support more oxygen in the environment and can help with your internal air quality.  They are beautiful and feed the soul as well as the body, lifting your spirits on gloomy days.

Another benefit of growing some of your food is the joy of preparing fresh meals for yourself and your family.  When you have a garden, you can’t wait to get in the kitchen and prepare what you’ve grown with your own hands.  There is a natural sense of pride and excitement about sharing your bounty with family and friends.  The food taste so delicious because it’s fresh and because you planted it and grew it with love.

Getting up to work in the kitchen is so much better than going out or ordering take out.  You know exactly what’s in the food and once again, you get the opportunity to do a few more bicep curls and squats.  To really keep it interesting, buy some cast iron pots so you get that simulated kettle bell work out as well.

And as always, if there just is no way to have your own garden, volunteer in a community garden.  Most volunteers help with the planting and harvest and get to keep some of the food.  So be active with your food choices and stay active for life.  If you found this helpful and interesting, please like it and share it with your friends.  Visit me at and see how I help people everyday with wellness and graceful aging.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

Take the First Step

Stay Active for Life is the theme for March at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health.  Last week we talked about activity being a mindset and the fact that everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in our outer reality.  Staying active requires the most profound yet simple commitment.  We must take the first step.

Taking the first step sets us up for dramatic change.  Change is something humans resist.  The first step puts the body out of balance, necessitating the next step.  We are no longer sedentary.  We’ve upset the status quo and many times our ego will go into a raging fit about how this is inconvenient and just too big a commitment.  “I don’t even have 10 minutes to take a walk.  I’m just too busy.”

For someone who is overweight or obese, this kind of struggle may seem obvious.  But what if you’re young and active right now.  You never imagine a time when you won’t be this way.  That is where the challenge lies.  When we are living an active lifestyle, we tend to take it for granted.  We assume it will always be that way.  Sometimes we’re not present to our lives.  We may go for a run or go to the gym every week because that’s our routine.  We don’t give it a lot of thought.  We may not even know why we started in the first place.  Maybe it became a habit because of an old boyfriend or girlfriend.  I challenge you to question why you are so active right now if this is your reality.  Think about your WHY.  Knowing and understanding it, may save your life one day.

Life happens in a flash.  Our daily routines can be upset in an instant by a bad decision, people in our lives, health challenges, etc.  Before you’re aware of it, your world is turned upside down and what was once an active lifestyle changes into a stress filled, stationary existence.  It only takes a few days for some people.  Their healthy pattern is broken and they find themselves making different lifestyle choices which don’t involve much movement.

I’ve seen this in my own life.  I used to walk 3 miles every day and bike and swim.  Then I changed my work life and found myself sitting in front of a computer monitor from early morning to late into the afternoon.  I told myself this was necessary if I wanted to be “successful”.  Did it take its toll on my health?  You bet it did.  I started to gain weight, slowly at first, but then it really started to pack on.  I had always enjoyed being active, but just didn’t realize how much I needed to make it a priority for my health.  Here’s the part that’s really annoying, it took me longer to get back my stamina and previous level of strength and agility.  Whenever I slacked off, it would always take longer to come back physically.

Stay active for life.  Take the first step.  If you’re already there, take the second step and be present to why you’re doing it, how it feels and why it’s important to you.  Don’t take your life for granted.  It’s precious.  Every moment is precious.  If you get this, please like it and share it with your friends.  Visit me at and sign up for a class or coaching to help you on your path of Wellness and Graceful Aging.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

Stay Active for Life – Activity is a Mindset

Activity is a mindset may seem like a strange statement to many people.  Consider this.  It is in keeping with universal law.  Everything in this dimension is created twice, first in the mind, then in the third dimension.  Think about this concept and you will see this is how your life works as well.  You think of something you want first, then you set about acquiring it.  This is an easily seen truth in our consumer driven realm.

Working each day with individuals struggling to stay active, I see them miss this simple truth.  It starts with your mindset.  An active lifestyle begins with an idea, then grows into an active lifestyle.  We’ve all at least heard that an active lifestyle leads to better health and wellness.  You may ask, but how do I get there?  The answer is simple.  Set your mind on the idea of an active lifestyle.

If everything is created twice, starting in the mind, then reason follows that to create your own active lifestyle requires that you start with your own mind.  Like in any garden, you start by preparing the soil and planting seeds for what you want to grow.  To plant seeds for an active lifestyle, look around you and see all the activity of others.  This will give you ideas about what is possible for you.  Then ask that all important question — What more is possible for me?

Get still and listen for answers.  Then you will know what seeds to plant.  Sometimes it’s as simple as getting up every day and walking to the mailbox if that is a challenge for you.  If you’ve got the mailbox down but can’t seem to find time for a brisk walk or bike ride, find 10 minutes to take a brisk walk.  If you can’t find 10 minutes for a brisk walk, you are a slave.  Slaves do not live long or prosperous lives.  They typically die younger and suffer miserable, painful deaths.  Are you a slave?

Be a free man or woman who takes charge of life.  Make the decision to stay active for life.  Get up and move.  Be well in mind, body and spirit.  For more information on wellness and graceful aging, hang out with me HERE at  Find out more about my classes and coaching.  Let me help you get on the path to an active, healthy life.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!