For Your Family – Feed Others Good Food

Many of us prepare meals every day for ourselves and people we love.  What are you feeding them?  When I talk to people about their diets, this is what I hear.

“Oh, we eat really healthy for the most part.” Or “I’m on a diet (paleo, Atkins, “low carb”, Zone, South Beach, Nutrisystems).”  You get the idea.  And my favorite – “I’m on a diet an it’s working.” 

Of course it’s working!  You can lose weight on any diet.  I often tell my clients, you can lose weight on Beyonce’s cayenne pepper lemon juice diet.  The problem is not with the diet.  The problem lies in the thought pattern that led to the diet.  That thought that says, I’ll fix it quick with this diet. Then I can fit into that dress for my daughter’s wedding.  Or maybe I can get some love if I drop a few pounds.  Maybe then she will go out with me.  Or, my doctor said I need to lose 20 pounds.  He said I should be on a low carb diet.  I would love to kill that term “low carb” but I don’t believe in PC speech so I’ll leave that one alone.

What if we’re all delusional?  I’m being kind here because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!  How many times have you heard yourself saying any of those previous statements?  How many diets have you tried?  What happened when you came off the diet?  YES!  You gained back the weight!  Sometimes it was a little, maybe a few pounds, but then over time, you got it all back and more.  

I know what I’m talking about.  Back in the day, I went on a diet and lost 40 pounds.  But the story continues …  with all the elation over succeeding and making my goal.  Whoop! Whoop!  Then, the day of reckoning came.  My environment changed dramatically.  I went from working at home (a controlled environment) to working in an office with a bunch of junk food nazis.  Every day they brought in donuts, chimichangas, tamales, cakes, pizza, ribs.  Oh and did I mention this was a high stress working environment.  That’s a part of what was driving this incessant need for fat, salt and sugar.  At first, I was strong.  I brought my lunch every day and just rushed past the kitchen.  But you know the deal.  Someone would come by my cubicle and offer me a donut.  They would come by and say ooh, you need to try these tamales.  They are SOOOOO good.  Tamales, a particular addiction of mine at the time, were calling my name.  Janice Janice Janice!  I went down for the count.  When I regained consciousness, I was 40 pounds heavier.  Oh, I seem to remember losing that 40 pounds somewhere.  Well I found it!  Dam it!

Does this story sound vaguely familiar to you?  Yes?  This is the life story of America, the BIG, the BOLD, the Beautifully FAT!  And it all started with our thinking.  That’s where everything starts.  Remember everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in our physical reality.  Big fat butts don’t just materialize out of thin air.  We start out with fat butt thinking.

Now you may be thinking, where is she really going with this?  The title of this blog is Feed Others Good Food.  Yes, and there is a point to my rambling.  So many times the excuse I hear is this. “My husband won’t eat healthy food.” “You don’t understand.  My kids are really picky eaters.” “If it takes longer than 10 minutes, we’re going out to eat.”  These are all excuses to feed your loved ones garbage.  But guess who’s sitting at the table with them.

When you decide you’ve had enough of losing the same 20 pounds over and over again, you will make a lifestyle transformation of epic proportions.  The people who get to come along for the ride are your family and friends.  You won’t be able to in good conscience serve them over processed, pesticide-ridden, GMO, chemistry project “food”.  Your life and health will mean too much to you.  And by default, you will want your loved ones in on the game.  The game is REAL FOOD, brisk physical activity, and spiritual nourishment, a complete mind, body, spirit transformation.

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Budding Opportunities to Expand Your Mind

Wellness and graceful aging do not operate in isolation from the rest of your life.  At Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health the focus is on integrating mind, body and spirit.  None of this can happen without expanding your mind first.  Remember everything is created twice in this world.  First we envision it in mind then we can create it in our day to day reality.  Expanding the mind is key to having an enlightened society.  Expanding the mind involves trust and faith that we are being led to more clarity and understanding about being well and doing for others.

Part of being well is having peace of mind about all aspects of our lives:  spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and financial.  We will not have peace of mind without peace in all these areas.  The path to peace is strewn with many obstacles, most of our own making.

How are you expanding your spiritual life?  Are you conscious of who you are being in this moment?  Are you a spirit that supports life and living?  Are you being kind and gentle?  Are you being compassionate?  What will people say about you when you’re gone from this plane?

Is your mental life a scary dark street or a path of light?  Do you feed your mind good food for thought that helps expansion?  What is your physical life?  Are you consciously living in the space of your life each moment?  Are you disassociated from your body and somehow thinking that the weight will leave on its own or that you can eat garbage without suffering the consequences?   Is your body expanding due to poor choices?  Are you an emotional mess?  Are you in denial about the reality of your existence?  Are you spouting positive affirmations without doing the foundational work of admitting who you are, where you are and how you got here?  Are you using your emotional life to support yourself and others?  Are you taking action in life or just dreaming?

And lastly, is there peace in your financial life?  Do you understand the difference between an asset and a liability?  An asset brings you wealth and income.  A liability drains your resources, both physically and emotionally.  Are you acquiring assets or are you watching your resources slip away funding liabilities that leave you nothing to show for your life’s work?

Do you know that your children are your treasure, the greatest asset you have been given?  Do you treat them like precious jewels with gentleness and admiration?  Do you build them up and educate them about who they are and where they came from?  Are you laying a firm foundation that will allow them to prosper in life and ensure the longevity of your clan?  That is also wealth.  Don’t relegate their education to a slave factory.  Take on the responsibility to educate them about true freedom and the greatness of service to others.

When you’re laid to rest either in a grave or on a funeral pyre, will your legacy  be one of peace and expansion?  You may think all I have done here is raise more questions with no answers.  Everyone is looking for answers.  The answers lie inside you.  The way to bring them out is by asking the right questions.  Now is your budding opportunity to expand your mind.  Take it!

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Budding Opportunities: Tend the Garden of Your Mind

“What a difference a day makes.  Twenty-four little hours.”  When you give yourself time to digest life, it goes down so much easier.  I’m having a health challenge and as always I am reminded to tend to my thoughts.  How easy it is to forget that we decide which thoughts to entertain on a daily basis.  It seems that they just show up sometimes as uninvited guests and we can’t do anything about that.  WRONG!  We must tend our thoughts as carefully as we tend our gardens.  What gets planted will grow.  If you plant watermelon seeds, you won’t get apples.  Seems kind of obvious, but many times we find ourselves entertaining thoughts of despair about our health and then wonder why things seem to be getting worse.

Yes, we have to be realistic and face whatever presents itself.  Once we’ve acknowledged it, then we decide how to think about it.  If the automatic response is panic, doom and gloom, then we find ourselves in the negative death spiral to hell.  The negative thoughts come pouring in and start to overwhelm the system.

However, there is another way to tend the garden of your mind.  Face reality.  What is actually happening?  Much of it will exist only in the mind.  Then adopt a perspective that leaves you options.  It’s amazing how just having a choice can lift your spirits and raise your energy to see the possibilities in life.  It’s very easy to decide that everything is falling apart.  But what if it isn’t?  What if you can make a different choice?  What if you can see things from a different perspective, one that has you winning for a change?  Or at least gives you a fighting chance?

The way this life works is we have dark clouds and rain, then we get sunshine and flowers.  Neither is good or bad.  It simply is.  The thought seeds we’ve planted determine what sprouts in the fertile soil of our minds.  If we welcome the clouds and rain, we have a perspective that this will bring juicy watermelons.  If we welcome the sunshine, we enjoy a walk in the park or wandering in our garden picking the sweet fruit.  What we harvest is what was planted.

If we are planting negative thought seeds, the harvest will be disappointing at best.  What we will have to eat will only irritate the system and make life stressful, dark and cloudy like the sky on a rainy day.  Plant seeds that empower you.  Plant seeds that give you options.  Plant seeds that feed and nourish your soul.

The dark clouds always part and then there is sun.  “What a difference a day makes.  Twenty-four little hours.  You’ve got the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain.  What a difference a day makes.  And the difference is you!”

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Be Active in Your Food Choices

Staying active for life may be a real challenge for you now.  Look at it this way.  You can make the effort to live an active lifestyle or pay the price in decreased health, faster aging, more doctor visits, more aches and pain.  You decide.  It’s that easy.

One way to lead a more active lifestyle and also make better food choices would be to grow some of your food.  Along with this you can make the move to prepare more fresh meals.  Actually start looking at your food choices as a way to get some physical activity.  Gardening is a great way to stay active.  It requires doing deep squats, dead lifts, bicep curls, hoeing, raking and excessive stretching, pulling and walking. 🙂

But you say, I don’t have enough room for a garden.  I live in a condo or apartment.  Ah yes.  You can still grow food.  Start a container garden on your patio consisting of one large planter or just several large pots.  What?  No space on the patio or you don’t have one.  Try a large window or the kitchen counter to display small pots of herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, salad greens, you name it.  When you think outside the box, there’s always a way to find space for a beautiful little garden.

Living with plants has many benefits for your health beside just eating them.  Plants help support more oxygen in the environment and can help with your internal air quality.  They are beautiful and feed the soul as well as the body, lifting your spirits on gloomy days.

Another benefit of growing some of your food is the joy of preparing fresh meals for yourself and your family.  When you have a garden, you can’t wait to get in the kitchen and prepare what you’ve grown with your own hands.  There is a natural sense of pride and excitement about sharing your bounty with family and friends.  The food taste so delicious because it’s fresh and because you planted it and grew it with love.

Getting up to work in the kitchen is so much better than going out or ordering take out.  You know exactly what’s in the food and once again, you get the opportunity to do a few more bicep curls and squats.  To really keep it interesting, buy some cast iron pots so you get that simulated kettle bell work out as well.

And as always, if there just is no way to have your own garden, volunteer in a community garden.  Most volunteers help with the planting and harvest and get to keep some of the food.  So be active with your food choices and stay active for life.  If you found this helpful and interesting, please like it and share it with your friends.  Visit me at and see how I help people everyday with wellness and graceful aging.

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Some people live to eat.  Is that how you would describe yourself?
How many times a day do you think about what you will eat next?
Are you always anticipating the next meal?
Are you focused on eating “bad” foods, then beating yourself up all day?

Food and eating can be an obsession in this fast paced world. We associate so many things with food and eating. Comfort, identity, emotional connection, stress are all reasons why we eat. What if you could change all that and just Eat To Live?

Eating to live is more about a mindset toward life than following any particular diet. We all have differences. That’s part of what makes life interesting. Seek to constantly move in the direction of life. Seek to eat the freshest, vine ripened fruits and vegetables. Look for grains, seeds and nuts that are organic, meaning they were grown without pesticides in soils free of heavy toxins and metals. I use to say just use your common sense until I realized that not only was it in short supply but there is so much disinformation about food and people are truly confused about what to eat.

Most people instinctively know they should eat fresh foods and avoid pre-packaged processed foods. Many tell me that they eat healthy and don’t eat a lot of processed foods. Then I look at what they’re eating and it tells a different story. It takes a true commitment to health and wellness to wean yourself off the fast fix. Seek to make time for preparing fresh food. Start by making a plan. Write it down on paper, not your phone or iPad. Think through how you will reorient your life to take action around your healthy eating plan.

You’ve heard me go on about how you can eat 4 cups of fruits and vegetables a day to gain optimum health. Most people gasp at this amount. But what are you eating instead? From what I see, lots of red meat, chicken, pork, processed pasta, cheese, potatoes (mostly fried and mashed), and if you’re lucky maybe a cup of other vegetables (fried or cooked with pork or some other meat). Look at your diet and hopefully this is not true.

There’s a lot of room in there for 4 cups of fruits and vegetables. Just the fiber alone will save you money on laxatives. Your cells need fuel to function properly. Just like your car, they will run on almost any kind of junky gas but they really cruise on high octane fuel. Over time the gunk in the bottom of the gas tank starts to gum up the engine much like bad food clogs the arteries and slows down blood flow until one day… BOOM SHAKALAKA… You blow a head gasket, the arteries close up and you go down for the count. Why let this be you?

Eat To Live. Money is not an object here because you will pay either on the front end or deeply on the back end. Fresh food is much more affordable than bypass surgery.

And let’s look at the word of the decade, Cancer. We’ve gotten to a place in the United States of America where it’s no longer a question of if you get cancer but when. Despite all your efforts at leading a balanced life, the deck may seem to be stacked against you. I’ll talk about this more in later blog posts. I know it was a little shocking to me when I went into the hospital emergency thinking I had some kind of nagging infection only to find it was cancer. It’s what I did after that you need to know.

I didn’t buy into the story I was being told about my “scary” future and all the chemotherapy I would need. I did need immediate surgery, but after that I had to decide what I wanted for my immediate and long term future. I trusted my doctors to give me their best advice and to tell me what they had been trained to tell me. They only knew one way. I knew I needed to trust my intuition and be open to the best guidance from within. So I got still and listened. When I got scared and emotionally exhausted, I would get still and listen for the voice within to guide me. People were describing some pretty horrifying therapies and additional surgery they just knew I should have. But my gut was telling me to be still, not get drawn into the story, take immediate action to recover and regenerate healthy cells and make my system an unwelcome place for cancer to hang out. I used the tools I had, a combination of ancient knowledge and modern technology. The results were not surprising to me but my oncologist is still scratching her head. She respected my decision not to have chemotherapy but she was probably more scared than me. My actions were outside her knowledge base but she was curious and hopeful for me.

I chose to Eat To Live. That and my supplementation with roots and herbs helped me create a miracle. Maybe you haven’t gotten the scary cancer diagnosis. Take this time to be still and listen. Listen to your gut. Decide now to Eat To Live so you can enjoy every day of your life. I’m so ecstatic when I wake up in the morning. I give thanks for this every day because it didn’t have to be this way.

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Super Bowl Sunday – What Is Tom Brady’s Secret?

Here we are again at the big game day. And it truly is a big game being played today on so many levels.  It’s February Food month here at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health. 

Now before you freak out and tune me out, I’ve got some great ideas for your Super Bowl party.  There’s still time to include these in your plans.  By the way, some of these are not original with me, but ideas I’ve gotten from some of my students.  They have made the lifestyle change and are thinking about ways to eat healthy and still enjoy the festivities.

How about changing up the food every quarter during the game? 1st quarter, healthy chips and salsa; 2nd quarter, low fat lettuce wraps with either falafel, broiled shrimp or grilled chicken strips with a drizzle of honey ginger dressing; 3rd quarter, organic popcorn with a coating of nutritional yeast; 4th quarter, bring it on home with delicious fruit cups full of fresh fruit slices.  Now that’s not so bad.  Sure beats the hell out of chicken wings and beer all day.

How about throwing your own half-time show with a game of twister?  This is even more hysterical after your guest have had a few drinks.  Oh yeah!  You know there will be a riot if you don’t serve some alcohol, but be mindful of your guests.  Make it light and interesting.  And if you must drink beer, try to find something that’s truly beer and not some mystery chemical brew.  My suggestion is Heineken, but there are other craft varieties that have thoughtfully kept it simple and pure beer.  Do your homework.  And please don’t let anyone drive home if they’ve had too much to drink.

Enjoy the game and keep in mind one of the quarterbacks, Tom Brady, swears by his alkaline diet.  He focuses on fresh organic vegetables and avoids processed sugary food.  He attributes his longevity and quick recovery to his diet and lifestyle.  So guys take a hint from a pro.  He has the results to prove it.

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Detox Workout

Boy is this a long month!  We got through clearing out the head trash, the colon cleanse and greater skin.  Now it’s time for the Detox Workout.  Don’t worry.  This one is easy to remember.  Anytime you’re sweating and getting your heart rate up, you’re in detox mode.

Wow!  Finally something simple.  Well why is it so hard to get up off the couch and do it?  No matter what you’re doing for a workout, if it’s pushing you to your limits, that’s a good thing.  Remember last week we talked about your skin being your largest organ.  Well when you’re sweating and getting your heart rate up, that can push toxins out of the body through your skin and your lungs.  The body is such an amazing creation.  It has the capacity to clean itself and heal itself at the same time.

When you sweat out all those toxins, the body can function at optimum levels.  Have you ever noticed having more energy after a great workout?  That’s natural.  If that’s not how you’re feeling, something may be wrong.  Listen to your body and it will tell you when to pump it up and when to back off.  The key to having great energy is consistent, daily activity.  Do you have a routine for keeping yourself active?  Did you know that you not only feed yourself with the foods you eat, but also you feed yourself with energy by your activity.  New research is confirming what our elders have known for thousands of year, we live in fields of energy.  Everything is in energy exchange all the time.

When you get out into the fresh air and walk, run, bike, skate, dance, whatever you do, you are feeding your body energy.  You feel the difference so you know this is true.  Have you ever noticed that the people who tend to have the longest, healthiest, happiest lives are those who are active?  They thrive on an active lifestyle.  That detox workout is the key to graceful aging.  I want to see you around for a long time.  I’ve got to have somebody to talk to.  So get up, do something fun and physically challenging.  See if you don’t get more energy and feel better.

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