Stay Active for Life – Activity is a Mindset

Activity is a mindset may seem like a strange statement to many people.  Consider this.  It is in keeping with universal law.  Everything in this dimension is created twice, first in the mind, then in the third dimension.  Think about this concept and you will see this is how your life works as well.  You think of something you want first, then you set about acquiring it.  This is an easily seen truth in our consumer driven realm.

Working each day with individuals struggling to stay active, I see them miss this simple truth.  It starts with your mindset.  An active lifestyle begins with an idea, then grows into an active lifestyle.  We’ve all at least heard that an active lifestyle leads to better health and wellness.  You may ask, but how do I get there?  The answer is simple.  Set your mind on the idea of an active lifestyle.

If everything is created twice, starting in the mind, then reason follows that to create your own active lifestyle requires that you start with your own mind.  Like in any garden, you start by preparing the soil and planting seeds for what you want to grow.  To plant seeds for an active lifestyle, look around you and see all the activity of others.  This will give you ideas about what is possible for you.  Then ask that all important question — What more is possible for me?

Get still and listen for answers.  Then you will know what seeds to plant.  Sometimes it’s as simple as getting up every day and walking to the mailbox if that is a challenge for you.  If you’ve got the mailbox down but can’t seem to find time for a brisk walk or bike ride, find 10 minutes to take a brisk walk.  If you can’t find 10 minutes for a brisk walk, you are a slave.  Slaves do not live long or prosperous lives.  They typically die younger and suffer miserable, painful deaths.  Are you a slave?

Be a free man or woman who takes charge of life.  Make the decision to stay active for life.  Get up and move.  Be well in mind, body and spirit.  For more information on wellness and graceful aging, hang out with me HERE at  Find out more about my classes and coaching.  Let me help you get on the path to an active, healthy life.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!


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