Some people live to eat.  Is that how you would describe yourself?
How many times a day do you think about what you will eat next?
Are you always anticipating the next meal?
Are you focused on eating “bad” foods, then beating yourself up all day?

Food and eating can be an obsession in this fast paced world. We associate so many things with food and eating. Comfort, identity, emotional connection, stress are all reasons why we eat. What if you could change all that and just Eat To Live?

Eating to live is more about a mindset toward life than following any particular diet. We all have differences. That’s part of what makes life interesting. Seek to constantly move in the direction of life. Seek to eat the freshest, vine ripened fruits and vegetables. Look for grains, seeds and nuts that are organic, meaning they were grown without pesticides in soils free of heavy toxins and metals. I use to say just use your common sense until I realized that not only was it in short supply but there is so much disinformation about food and people are truly confused about what to eat.

Most people instinctively know they should eat fresh foods and avoid pre-packaged processed foods. Many tell me that they eat healthy and don’t eat a lot of processed foods. Then I look at what they’re eating and it tells a different story. It takes a true commitment to health and wellness to wean yourself off the fast fix. Seek to make time for preparing fresh food. Start by making a plan. Write it down on paper, not your phone or iPad. Think through how you will reorient your life to take action around your healthy eating plan.

You’ve heard me go on about how you can eat 4 cups of fruits and vegetables a day to gain optimum health. Most people gasp at this amount. But what are you eating instead? From what I see, lots of red meat, chicken, pork, processed pasta, cheese, potatoes (mostly fried and mashed), and if you’re lucky maybe a cup of other vegetables (fried or cooked with pork or some other meat). Look at your diet and hopefully this is not true.

There’s a lot of room in there for 4 cups of fruits and vegetables. Just the fiber alone will save you money on laxatives. Your cells need fuel to function properly. Just like your car, they will run on almost any kind of junky gas but they really cruise on high octane fuel. Over time the gunk in the bottom of the gas tank starts to gum up the engine much like bad food clogs the arteries and slows down blood flow until one day… BOOM SHAKALAKA… You blow a head gasket, the arteries close up and you go down for the count. Why let this be you?

Eat To Live. Money is not an object here because you will pay either on the front end or deeply on the back end. Fresh food is much more affordable than bypass surgery.

And let’s look at the word of the decade, Cancer. We’ve gotten to a place in the United States of America where it’s no longer a question of if you get cancer but when. Despite all your efforts at leading a balanced life, the deck may seem to be stacked against you. I’ll talk about this more in later blog posts. I know it was a little shocking to me when I went into the hospital emergency thinking I had some kind of nagging infection only to find it was cancer. It’s what I did after that you need to know.

I didn’t buy into the story I was being told about my “scary” future and all the chemotherapy I would need. I did need immediate surgery, but after that I had to decide what I wanted for my immediate and long term future. I trusted my doctors to give me their best advice and to tell me what they had been trained to tell me. They only knew one way. I knew I needed to trust my intuition and be open to the best guidance from within. So I got still and listened. When I got scared and emotionally exhausted, I would get still and listen for the voice within to guide me. People were describing some pretty horrifying therapies and additional surgery they just knew I should have. But my gut was telling me to be still, not get drawn into the story, take immediate action to recover and regenerate healthy cells and make my system an unwelcome place for cancer to hang out. I used the tools I had, a combination of ancient knowledge and modern technology. The results were not surprising to me but my oncologist is still scratching her head. She respected my decision not to have chemotherapy but she was probably more scared than me. My actions were outside her knowledge base but she was curious and hopeful for me.

I chose to Eat To Live. That and my supplementation with roots and herbs helped me create a miracle. Maybe you haven’t gotten the scary cancer diagnosis. Take this time to be still and listen. Listen to your gut. Decide now to Eat To Live so you can enjoy every day of your life. I’m so ecstatic when I wake up in the morning. I give thanks for this every day because it didn’t have to be this way.

Every day I help my clients transform to optimum health for wellness and graceful aging. If you received a benefit from this post, please Like it and Share it with your friends. Come visit me at or on Facebook at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health. Ask how I can help you.  Here’s to your Lifetime Health.

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