Super Bowl Sunday – What Is Tom Brady’s Secret?

Here we are again at the big game day. And it truly is a big game being played today on so many levels.  It’s February Food month here at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health. 

Now before you freak out and tune me out, I’ve got some great ideas for your Super Bowl party.  There’s still time to include these in your plans.  By the way, some of these are not original with me, but ideas I’ve gotten from some of my students.  They have made the lifestyle change and are thinking about ways to eat healthy and still enjoy the festivities.

How about changing up the food every quarter during the game? 1st quarter, healthy chips and salsa; 2nd quarter, low fat lettuce wraps with either falafel, broiled shrimp or grilled chicken strips with a drizzle of honey ginger dressing; 3rd quarter, organic popcorn with a coating of nutritional yeast; 4th quarter, bring it on home with delicious fruit cups full of fresh fruit slices.  Now that’s not so bad.  Sure beats the hell out of chicken wings and beer all day.

How about throwing your own half-time show with a game of twister?  This is even more hysterical after your guest have had a few drinks.  Oh yeah!  You know there will be a riot if you don’t serve some alcohol, but be mindful of your guests.  Make it light and interesting.  And if you must drink beer, try to find something that’s truly beer and not some mystery chemical brew.  My suggestion is Heineken, but there are other craft varieties that have thoughtfully kept it simple and pure beer.  Do your homework.  And please don’t let anyone drive home if they’ve had too much to drink.

Enjoy the game and keep in mind one of the quarterbacks, Tom Brady, swears by his alkaline diet.  He focuses on fresh organic vegetables and avoids processed sugary food.  He attributes his longevity and quick recovery to his diet and lifestyle.  So guys take a hint from a pro.  He has the results to prove it.

For more information on wellness and graceful aging, visit me at or on Facebook at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health.  Join one of my upcoming classes or talk to me about private coaching.  Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

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