Is this what you look like after a holiday party?

It’s Sunday morning after that Saturday night office holiday party.  Are you hung over?  Feeling bloated and uncomfortable?  We’ve all been there.  A few bad choices or maybe too much alcohol and you are not having a good day.

There are more Christmas parties ahead before it’s all over.  What would it be like to breeze through the holidays and not gain 10, 20, or 30 pounds?  You can do this!  Before the next party, have a plan.  Eat a light meal before leaving home.  This can be something simple like a small sandwich with lots of veggies and light on the mayo or just use mustard instead.  Maybe your quick snack will be a nut butter and apple slices or pear slices.  Keep it simple with just 2-3 ounces of protein and a complex carbohydrate.  When you get to the party, you won’t feel that you have to go and wipe out the buffet table because you won’t be starving.

Use all that free time to mingle and talk to people, have fun, or burn up some calories on the dance floor.  After a few rounds on the dance floor, you will probably be hungry again but don’t automatically go for the high fat items.  Look for the veggie tray and eat that first being careful to gently dip your celery stick in the hummus or whatever they have there.  Dips can be mind fields of fat and dangerous food additives.  So go lightly.

If you’re drinking alcohol, put yourself on a budget and decide ahead of time how much you plan to drink.  If it’s two drinks and you’re going to be there for hours, spread them out and do more talking than drinking.

If you follow these simple tips, you will have more energy the next day and possible avoid adding to your HIPS this holiday season.  Here’s to your Lifetime Health!  Follow me on facebook at Janice Woody’s Lifetime Health.




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