Family and Comfort

You may not be feeling very comfortable right now. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that is fueling anxiety and stress. Everyday I help people deal with the issues surrounding lifestyle change. The mind fights change and will always vote for the status quo. Those feelings of discomfort become even more intense when we intuitively know a change is coming but we don’t completely understand what it is or how it will impact us.

Last week we spoke about breathing and allowing our spirit a chance to reach Source and know the truth of our being. As we move into November 2016 with all its distractions and uncertainty, we can remember to just breathe. Family and friends are swimming in the same fish pond with you. So don’t expect them to always be the total source of comfort you desire. The only true comfort can be found within.

Move into your heart space and connect with your higher self. The comfort you seek in trying times is there. We live in an amazing world. Science is just now discovering what ancient Mystics have known for millennia. There is infinite intelligence behind every aspect of this world we live in, this universe. There is a creator. You really are a precious life to be celebrated and cherished. And if that is true of you, then it’s the same truth for the person next to you.

If you need comfort now, BE that comfort for everyone around you. It will lift your vibration and amplify your energy to bless the world. Hears to your Lifetime Health.

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