Personal Nutrition

We can choose in every moment to be mindful of who we are and our amazing gift of life.  Are you grateful for this awesome gift of life? Do you see how precious life is? If we are taking responsibility for our lives, then we must take responsibility for our personal nutrition. We can Eat To Live. We can be grateful for our bodies and move them daily. We can nurture our spirit by being conscious of our connection to Source.

How can we do this in a world of fast paced demands on our time? I love the song, Breathe.   Breathe, just breathe.  When we stop and give ourselves the blessing of 5 minutes to meditate, we just breathe. We open our hearts and brains and expand the energy field around our bodies. We nurture our spirits.

We’re rushing to get to that next appointment or that job. We can release that stress by moving our bodies. If you can, walk there. It will get you out in nature. If you’re driving there, use the time to work your upper body. One of the things I never see on the freeway is someone doing bicep curls or neck stretches or core twists. This is so much better than TEXTING. And you’ll live longer.

In all the rushing we forgot to eat. Yes, the thing we think about almost more than sex, we forgot to do. Be grateful for this amazing body you possess. Feed it whole foods. These are even easier to eat on the run. Fruits and veggies are very portable.

For optimum health, eat a pound of veggies every day. Eat a pound of fruit every day according to your metabolism. What! Now I’ve got your attention. Yes, eat a pound of fruits and a pound of veggies every day from all the colors of the rainbow.  That seems like a lot so let’s break that down. A pound in the English system is 16 ounces. Okay, that’s not so bad, but look a little closer. Eight ounces is equal to a cup. So what we’re really saying is eat 2 cups of fruits and 2 cups of veggies every day. Now that’s doable. It’s so easy to grab an apple, pear, peach, orange, nectarine, some dates as you head out the door. They’re easy to eat while you’re doing your bicep curls in the car.

Personal nutrition responsibility sounds like a mouthful and it is, a mouthful of fruits and veggies.

Hears to your Lifetime Health!

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