Let’s take a leap and make the connection between portion control and graceful aging. At first glance they may not seem to be connected. Since I’m starting from the premise of we live in a connected Universe, for me everything is connected. We only have to be open to seeing that.

Every week I talk with my clients about portion control. My favorite statement is “Remember…Portion control is your friend.” People tell me that they hear my voice in their heads when they are about to go off track. Portion control leads to self discipline which leads to feeling better about your health journey which leads to fewer calories consumed which leads to better weight management which leads to a healthier body which leads to more energy which leads to less stress which leads to longevity which leads to more chances to experience life which leads to wisdom which leads to internal peace which leads to graceful aging. WHEW!!!

That’s what I call a Unified Field. Everything in the Universe is connected. That means you are connected. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing with your health right now, change it. Adopt portion control and go for graceful aging.

Hears to your Lifetime Health!

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