The Standard American Diet or better known as SAD needs EXPANSION! Get out of the crack house!

Many of us say we love our families but then we turn around and feed them poison on a daily basis. So what’s love got to do with it? Remember the June 5th blog post FEED OTHERS GOOD FOOD. Revisit that one to be reminded about all the pesticides in our food. Pesticides were never meant for human consumption. Neither is beige Frankenfood. So much of SAD is centered around meats that are full of hormones and antibiotics from animals who were fed genetically modified organisms (GMO). Of course you wouldn’t know that because the food industry has lobbied against labeling these foods.

Here’s the funny part. You just can’t keep those scrappy Americans down. Just when you’re convinced we’re all asleep at the switch, BAM, we wake up on you! Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, etc. are shaking in their boots because by now millions upon millions of Americans have heard about GMO. They may not completely understand it yet, but they know they don’t want to eat it.

We initially fell victim to this scam because of our addiction to processed foods. Something the food industry was all to eager to help us develop. We now have more people addicted to sugar than crack cocaine (myself included). Have you ever tried to get between an addict and their fix? It’s dangerous. They will sell you and your mother down the river for a hit.

So what can we be and do to stem the tide of food addictions and clean up our food? Well here are some ideas.
– Eat more organic plant based foods, as fresh as possible.
– Eat a wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, the rainbow of colors.
– Plant and nourish a garden.

Where have you heard all these suggestions before? Have you heard yourself saying things like — I can’t afford ORGANIC!? I have a family to feed. Revisit June 5th and see why that mother realized that she was poisoning her children. Besides, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, it’s much cheaper and you get the benefit of vine ripened produce which has all of the plants powerful phytonutrients and disease fighting enzymes. Plants don’t produce some of these gifts until right before harvest when they are most attractive to bugs. When you eat vine ripened produce, you get that benefit as well. And it tastes heavenly. Way better than boxed, processed food.

I don’t have time for a garden. Really? Seriously? I see people spending countless hours and dollars growing grass in their yards. At least grow something you can eat. You’ve got to water the lawn anyway. Why not water a few fruit trees and some containers full of vegetables? Even some homeless people have gardens so what’s your excuse?

By growing and eating the rainbow, your body gets vital nutrition that you can’t get out of a crack house like your local grocery store. In the past we’ve talked about your body’s cell receptor sites for specific nutrients found in the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Your cells are crying out FEED ME!

Get out of the crack house and into the garden. Expand your horizons with more and better foods. Really show your family that you do love them. Feed them good food.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!


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