It’s approaching summer and a lot of us will be doing the backyard barbecue, attending family reunions, birthday parties or just friendly get togethers. Whether it’s pot luck or not, please strive to feed others good food.

I see so many people piling on the heavy fatty meat products, salads packed with mayonnaise, and high fat sweet desserts. Sometimes there not a green vegetable or fresh fruit in sight for miles. With diabetes at epic proportions here in the US, most people can benefit from eating a healthy diet of plant based foods with limited processed foods and smaller amounts of meats and high fat, high sugar options. Over 100 million people in the US either have diabetes or are at risk for developing it.
Eat organic whenever you can. Pesticides were not meant to be ingested.

When you love someone, feeding them good food is a confirmation of your appreciation and admiration. It says that you want them around for a long time and you’re willing to go the extra mile if need be to give them the best.


Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

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