Does it take you “forever” to get dressed? Does everything have an elastic waistband?

The last time you saw your doctor, did it go something like this?
‘Well … Your numbers are a little off. You need to lose 20 pounds. Go on a low carb diet NOW or I’m going to have to put you on diabetes medication.’

Hundreds of thousands of Americans get this same advice from their doctors daily. Many try to follow it only to meet with limited success and gradually they slide back into their old habits. Why? Because diets don’t work long term. Specifically low carb diets don’t work for pre diabetics long term. Lifestyle change is the only consistently successful approach to avoid diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic disease. It’s been proven time and again for decades, but why do so many doctors continue to give the same stale advice?

Most Western trained physicians receive about 1 hour of nutrition education in medical school. Couple that with a heavy patient workload and little time to read up on the latest research. Results=STALE ADVICE.
“The fundamental approach to medical education has not changed since 1910.” Dr. Michael Greger, MD

A diet low in fat, rich in fiber from plant-based nutrients and regular brisk physical activity have been proven to get great results that are not possible with drugs. Drugs just mask symptoms and don’t improve a person’s overall health. They just delay the onset of crisis.

If you don’t like to read, WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO!

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!



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