Budding Opportunities in Lose

What happens when we lose something precious?  What if it was a laptop that held your entire business?  A treasured ring from your beloved?  Your car?  Your home?  That first feeling of panic and denial linger for what seems like an eternity.  What happens next is determined by your predominant mindset.

I’ve noticed that some people don’t know how to escape the panic, denial phase.  They get stuck there, with the mind continually racing to remember — where did I last see the ring?  There is a budding opportunity here to discover something about this universe we live in.  Human life is precious and can’t be replaced.  Things can.

What have you made your treasure?  Is it the things that clutter and dominate your daily occupations?  Or is your treasure the people and relationships in your life?  Do you nurture and grow these treasures like a garden with your time and attention?  Or do you panic over a lost thumb drive?  Relationships are like plants in your garden.  If you don’t nurture and feed them, they die.

So the next time you panic over the lose of a “thing”, just remember it can be replaced.  People and relationships are precious, priceless and irreplaceable.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

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