Space, the final frontier. These are the adventures of the starship YOU. Going where no one has ever dared, exploring new worlds, advancing the human consciousness. Sound like fun? Or are you locked in a closed inner world of fear, judgement and regret?

I prefer the former, steering my starship through inner space continually amazed by the budding opportunities to expand and grow. Just as we tend our gardens, volunteer in others and share in the abundance of nature, our inner gardens also need attention daily. Your inner garden is expansive as outer space. There is no end to it. You can plow the inner depths for eternity. Just as you can travel into space without end. That my friends is the power of your mind.

All that care you put into planting your collards, mustards and kale out here can be put into planting your inner garden with sustainable thoughts of abundance, expansion, service to others, simple kindness and basic goodness. Starship YOU determines what journeys to take and what the inner environment will be. You can spend your time battling Klingon birds of prey or you can perch on the ribbon of a beautiful nebula and BE peace. When we stop fighting internally, war will end.

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!


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