VOLUNTEER in the Garden

Volunteer in a garden near you. Working in a garden gives you an awareness of your connection to Mother Earth and how she blesses you with life. Preparing the ground, planting, tending and harvesting the crop shows you the amazing power of this blessing. Mother Earth feeds and clothes us in amazing fashion. It is especially critical that we share this experience with our children. It’s crucial to the survival of our species. So many of our children here in the US don’t understand how food is created. They have spent most of their young lives in the backseat going through the drive thru at McDonald’s and Burger King. They’ve eaten Frankenfood their entire lives and don’t know the amazing joy of biting into a sweet juicy peach you just picked off the tree. Being in the garden makes you mindful and aware of your place on this earth and in the broader Universe.

When we work in the garden we give our energy to the plants and they in turn bless us with life giving energy. Giving is such powerful energy and not only blesses but heals you as well. There is a garden near you that is calling out for your time, love and attention. Even if you have a garden of your own, give time to a community garden or a neighbor who could use your help. See if you don’t experience a huge blessing from this.

This is an example of how powerful giving to a garden can be for all of us.

Hello Friends and City Folks.

We’ve had a spectacular participation seriously playing in The Pioneer Settlement Garden this fall.

We have 49 folks on my Garden list I email as “members” and most come out at least once per month.

Some of the highlights include:

* I gave tours to 60, 3-4 year old kids from Shorecrest School.
* I became the Garden Manger for The Edible Peace Patch Project non profit in August.
* We had about 15 Eckerd College students volunteering as part of the Edible Peace Patch learning experiences.
* Several of the Eckerd College students and I gave over 100 mini tours at two “Harvest”event goers presented by the Pioneer Settlement/City Parks.
* We’ve gained almost 25 new volunteers to our Garden
* We have donated to date the following vegetables (despite a pernicious fungus spoiling 30% of our greens due to hot weather) : 617lbs to St. Vincents dePaul. Sold almost 297lbs Given to volunteers 361lbs
* I have been nominated as “Hero of the Tampa Bay Community” for my community work over the years as presented by The Tampa Bay Lightning. The winner receiving $50,000.00 to be donated to the non profit of his/her choice. I feel incredibly honored for this award nomination!

We have many tours ahead at The Garden including giving 40 youths on MLKing Jr. Day a work/tour/education Day at Pioneer Garden.

I look forward to seeing you all each Sunday we get together. Once again I APPRECIATE the City allowing us to do this SERIOUS fun work at Boyd Hill Preserve/Park.

Onward to spread this message of great health and community!

And, most importantly,


Ray, “Mr. Greens”

Doesn’t that just inspire you to get involved and give an hour or two every month to this great effort? I’m sure there’s a garden near you that would love to have your presence. Get out there and give it your amazing energy!

Here’s to your Lifetime Health!

Me at Pioneer Settlement Garden

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