Gut Health and Life Extension Technology

Gut health has become a trendy topic and as with many hot topics like this, it’s been complicated by a lot of chatter. Optimum gut health is really very simple to achieve. EAT LOTS OF FIBER! How many times have you heard that? But still the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the most popular thing going and people are gorging on beige food. The gut is intelligent and is the key to optimum health. Having a clean, well functioning colon can extend your life. In this day and time, it is a key part of life extension.

There’s a lot of advertising for Probiotics these days and lengthy descriptions of the different bacteria you SHOULD have in your gut. “Eat our yogurt concoction and you will eliminate bloating and intestinal issues.” OR “Make your colon happy with our probiotic supplement.” You can eat these things and may find some benefit. But what if life were easier than all that? What if you just ate more fiber allowing your body to produce the good bacteria in your gut. That’s what it wants to do. When the body doesn’t get enough fiber, it immediately thinks there are invaders in the gut and goes about destroying the good bacteria along with everything else floating around down there. It doesn’t equate lack of fiber with lack of fiber. It thinks — time for battle!

Well, what if it’s really easy to get enough fiber? Good fiber can be found in your fresh fruits and vegetables. Last week we learned that your body’s cells have certain receptor sites for a wide variety of fruits and veggies. If we just eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, our gut bacteria are happy. We feed them and they actually feed us. Bye bye inflammation and all the sensitivity. Our bodies will heal given healthy, fresh food as our medicine. Check out the short humorous video from Dr. Michael Greger posted at the end.

Now what does all this have to do with life extension technology? Life extension is about more than just patching up old worn out bodies trying to squeeze out a few more years. We don’t have to become bionic and part robotic to live into the future. It’s also about quality of life in our later years as well. The new science of Nrf2 activation is showing us how to literally slow down the aging process, extend our life expectancy and experience a better quality of life. This little protein in the cell when activated can help us turn back on dormant genes and down regulate others. This can have the effect of turning on our survival genes and turning down genes that promote inflammation as an example. This whole process can help us heal our guts and reverse some of the damage done by our SAD diets. This is a stunning medical breakthrough and is changing the paradigm of how Western medicine will be practiced in the future.  There is more to come from Nrf2 research so stay tuned.

Hears to your Lifetime Health!


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