April is Spring in full bloom and we see rebirth all around us.  If you’re in the Northern areas, you may still have snow and cold weather, but soon you will see the rebirth of Spring.  Just hang in there. 😊

Every day and every year our bodies go through a regeneration process.  Old cells die off and new ones are born based on the map of our DNA.  If our DNA is damaged from exposure to toxins, we reproduce a bad cell copy.  Much like making a copy of a copy over and over until it’s really fuzzy and hard to see clearly.  This same process happens in our cells.

To regenerate healthy cells, we need the best version of our DNA present.  Cells have receptors that operate much like a lock.  To open the lock, you need a key in the form of nutrients received from your food.  WERE YOU AWARE THAT OUR CELLS HAVE RECEPTOR SITES FOR CERTAIN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES?  No doubt you’ve heard advice to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  This is why you want to take that advice.  The lock is sitting there in the cell waiting for that key to unlock the cell and allow the nutrients from those fruits and vegetables.  To get a bigger picture of this, watch the attached short video from Dr. Michael Greger.  Receptor sites also exist for more than just fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies also give us that burst of energy we need to live.  They provide good fuel to burn in our cell engines and keep us powering through the day”.  This is much better than drinking stimulants and some of the toxic soup being pushed as “energy” drinks.  See my post on guilt-free energy.

There is so much involved in regenerating healthy cells so next week look for our exploration of life extension technology and gut health.



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