Our bodies remember.

One of the crucial aspects of physical activity is recovery.  After we take that 3 mile run or ride our bikes 20 miles on the trail or shake it up in Zumba class; our systems have to go through a process of recovery to allow us to rest, regenerate and recharge.

Then the next time we go out the cells in our muscles activate the memory of what we did in our last session.  Over time this memory is very powerful and sometimes with only minimal mental focus, we can repeat a previous performance.

How can knowing this help to keep you active?  There is a huge psychological benefit to knowing you have muscle memory.

  1. You can approach your workouts with confidence knowing that you can build on what you’ve done before.
  2. Especially when you are stressed and tempted to postpone or skip your workout, you can know that if you just make the effort to show up, your body’s muscle memory will kick in and help you complete the workout.

So the insight here is — ALWAYS SHOW UP!  Your confidence will help you move it to the next level.  And when you’re challenged, your muscle memory will help you stay active and in the game.



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