Did you know that when you get up and move to improve your life, you are secretly helping others?  People notice when you start going for a walk before or after work; going to the gym; or going to Zumba or line dancing class.

What you do has an effect on others in your life.  Even total strangers take note.  Many times they are inspired to follow in your footsteps.  One of my clients was struggling with massive joint pain, made worse by obesity.  She had trouble just walking down the hall at work.  I believed in her and knew she could lose the weight.  Once she accepted that, she took action and started riding her bike after work.  Traveling miles around the neighborhood got the attention of family and friends.  Before long, her husband joined her.  Then the kids wanted in on the action.  Now the whole family benefits from better health.  Oh and the side benefit, she lost over 30 pounds!!!

Staying active, along with a healthy diet, helps you have a strong immune system.  This is critical in an age of constant flu crises and manmade viruses.  Keep yourself healthy by keeping yourself moving.  Have a regular cardio routine to strengthen your heart, and prevent diabetes and stroke.  Make yourself bullet proof to illness.  Have fun!

Hears to your Lifetime Health!


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