Appropriate Activity

When I speak of graceful aging, it probably brings up different images for me than it does for you.  Running up a flight of stairs without dying; feeling younger than my age; good health — that means no colds or flu, no constant allergic reactions, no lifelong medications, normal blood sugar and blood pressure, able to chase down the grandkids (if I had any).

What does graceful aging look like to you?  What is appropriate activity for your age or health situation?  I know 90 somethings who can kick my butt in the gym.  And I know 20 somethings who are sick all the time.

Becoming active early in life and staying active is what leads to graceful aging.  The Florida legislature is actually considering a bill to make recess mandatory in all public schools.  WAIT you ask…Don’t we already have recess in schools?  So much about our world has changed and it’s not all progress.

My advice —

Stretch your spine daily.

Walk more stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Find a way to get your heart rate up and exercise that most important muscle at least 5 days a week.

Whether you’re walking on the treadmill or ballroom dancing — have FUN!

Hears to your Lifetime Health!

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