Think again. Much has been published in the news for months now on the toxic water quality in Flint Michigan. A lot of finger pointing amongst politicians. As usual the topics they argue over completely miss the point. Flint’s water quality is poor but your own local drinking water contains many of the same chemicals found in Flint’s water.

Whoa! How can that be true?
What people fail to realize is that your local water treatment facility is dumping some pretty awful things in the water like fluoride and chlorine. This doesn’t even address all the glyphosates from the runoff of Monsanto’s RoundUp product and all the pharmaceuticals that make their way into the sewer and show up in reclaim water. You may say why be concerned about this? We need fluoride for our teeth and chlorine is a disinfectant. Don’t we need these?

Remember that pesky Table of Elements from chemistry class. A listing of the elements of the halogen group – from the top down are F – Fluorine; Cl – Chlorine; Br – Bromine; I – Iodine; and At — Astatine. Halogens don’t occur naturally as elements but they show up abundantly in chemical compounds. Okay, enough for the chemistry lesson. Of this group, Iodine is the only one we absolutely need to survive and it promotes a healthy thyroid. The others are suspect with astatine actually being radioactive. Fluoride inhibits the thyroid from utilizing iodine. Chlorine irritates the mucous membranes and the skin and it also displaces iodine. By the way it’s been present in the artificial sweetener, Splenda. 😨. Bromine is very disruptive to iodine absorption in the body, but especially in the thyroid gland. Bromide causes lethargy, depression, headaches and irritability, and can be found in a lot of baked good (added to the flour) and some soft drinks. Harvard University published a study as recently as 2012 warning of the dangers of fluoride in neurological development of children and its tendency to lower IQ in children and adults.

So the obvious question is why add this stuff to our food and water? Well it might have something to do with our politicians insisting on it. Hmmm.

Those of you who are familiar with my past life will understand why I’m a credible source of information on this topic. Having worked for one of the largest public water treatment districts in the country, I’ve seen first hand what gets dumped into our tap water. Los Angeles Water and Power also embarked on a very extensive and expensive cement lining project throughout the city because the pipes were so eroded from transporting the toxic soup to your tap. I actually kept the stats for this project.

When you get a chance, watch this short film — Fluoride: Poison on Tap.
I cannot vouch for the products promoted at the end of the video, but I can tell you the information about fluoride in our drinking water is valid.

Whatever you think of this issue, please get a good water filter and a shower filter.

Hear’s to your Lifetime Health!

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