Slow it Down

It’s not very often in this fast paced world that we hear those words — slow it down. But that is completely within our grasp when it comes to graceful aging. We can, you and I, slow down the relentless march into old age. And by doing so, we capture a better quality of life. More energy, better skin, enhanced libido are possible for you.

What are the components of aging?
Aging is linked to oxidative stress. There have been 100,000+ scientific research articles published about oxidative stress. It is basically the damage done to our cells by free radicals in our system. You’ve heard of those. Free radicals are produced basically by living, breathing, eating, physical activity. They are the waste by product of our system. We produce TRILLIONS! of these daily and basically if left alone, they destroy our cells over time and create the diseases of aging — heart disease, cancer, etc.

The good news is we can slow down this process with proven science, mindfulness and awareness. I help my clients do this daily and gain access to a better quality of life. Ask me how here or at Janice Woodys Lifetime Health on Facebook.

Here’s to a lifetime of great health!

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