Building A Dream

Celebrate that we can imagine great things and work to manifest these ideas. Great opportunities are on the horizon for CHANGA. We will have good things to report very soon. As we stay the course, what’s needed is daily focus and action to pluck the dream out of thin air. We can visualize the housing and happy deaf and hard of hearing people living there and enjoying the benefit of our efforts.

Building the dream takes discipline to stay the course with daily action when there may not be any signs of success. When we have a big dream, we don’t work for immediate gratification. That will only derail the effort.

Daily action is that pesky stuff like research, writing out a plan, making the phone calls, asking for help, learning something new, enduring the unthinkable because you believe and know that you will cross the finish line.

The daily action of building a dream can be celebrated. Rejoice in the seemingly mundane tasks because it means you’ve started on the path toward your big idea and amazingly energy rushes in to meet you. Resources come forth out of the blue. Someone calls with an introduction to a friend who can help. You pick up the phone, make that call and discover that people were waiting on your arrival.

Your daily action may feel as though you’ve become a turtle in the great race of life. Just remember, even the snail made it onto the Arc.

Light and Love,

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