How I’m letting go and celebrating the release …

Look around and you will likely discover that you have some true treasures in your life. Sometimes we are very present and expressing appreciation and love for these gifts. At other times, we take them for granted only to discover their true value when they leave us.

Sometimes these treasures are the people in our lives. They bring joy and love, a sense of security and friendship. Then one day they announce that it’s time to move on and you don’t get a vote in that decision. It can really hurt and be tremendously sad. You think about all the time you’ve had together but mostly the time you will miss together. Yet a part of you has to celebrate the change when it’s truly a calling to move on in life toward more growth. When you truly love someone, you want to see them grow. It doesn’t seem fair when it means you have to separate. One of love’s lessons is the letting go part.

I’m seeing a new friend move on and it’s sad but at the same time I will celebrate with him for the joy of the unknown and his own growth. I’ve learned that fighting the change just makes it more painful. And thank God for cell phones and facebook. It doesn’t have to be years before we see each other and speak again.

Light and Love.

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