Observations On the Go

This week everyone is talking about gratitude and Thanksgiving, and I hope they are really grateful for everything they have.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with a few homeless people earlier this month.  They were truly grateful for the gifts we brought to them.  It was only a few blankets but their eyes said everything.  They were surprised at the help from total strangers and probably wondering why someone was taking the time to help them.

I know I helped because I am truly grateful for all that I have in this life.  While my life may not appear to be the greatest, I have so many riches I experience each day.  I have real friends and people who do love me and support me.  I have a roof over my head and hot food to eat.  I have dreams and goals to achieve.  I am limitless.

What I realized is that there is no difference between me and the people I saw living on the street and in the shelters.  They may not realize that we all have the same potential.  We all can have our dreams and the life we desire, but we have to want it desperately.  We have to want it like we want our next breath.  Only then will we be willing to endure whatever is necessary to achieve our goals.  When you want something so bad then you can say “I will have it, NO MATTER WHAT.” Then you will have it.

It’s getting colder so now I must find socks.  I know some people who would really appreciate a nice warm pair of socks.

Light and Love,




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