Building A Dream

Much can happen in the progression of building a dream.  You might birth an idea only to find that your imagination has far exceeded your resources.  That is what happened with CHANGA in the very beginning.

We had big dreams of building an organization that would immediately provide housing for the deaf and hard of hearing.  We visualized apartment buildings and homes that were safe and deaf-friendly.  We found that it was not so easy.  But the dream lives on.

The biggest obstacles to our dreams are our thoughts.  Usually they are thoughts of fear and defeat.  We run into an obstacle and it seems insurmountable.  If we’re not deeply and emotionally invested and connected to our dreams, we will probably let them die.  It takes a lot of juice to keep a dream alive when everything seems to be going wrong.  The biggest question is always – will it work?  And then – will it work for us?

I was convinced that it could work when the IRS gave us a Tax ID number.  That was the beginning of hope.  We didn’t know how long we would have to keep the dream alive.  We still don’t know that.  It almost doesn’t matter how long.  We work until it’s realized.  We keep working because the people we love want a solution.  They wanted it nine years ago.  They still want it today.

Sometimes you have to tweak the dream many times before it manifests.  I can’t explain why we stuck with it other than to say that we have a burning desire for victory.  Love and a burning desire will keep any dream alive.

Light and Love,


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