Lessons Learned

There is no such thing as coincidence.  We meet the people who belong in our lives.  I met one such person this week while waiting for a friend.  My friend and I had decided to go see the movie “Beast of the Southern Wild”.  (Earth shattering film by the way)  I got to the theater early and bought my ticket and genetically modified popcorn and decided to wait in the lobby for my friend.  I noticed a woman frantically tapping on her phone trying to reach someone.  For some unknown reason, I went up to her and asked if she knew where theater #20 was.  I thought it might be upstairs since I was new to the area and that theater.  We started talking and she said she had been there awhile waiting on friends.  She couldn’t seem to reach anyone to confirm that she was even in the right theater.  The little voice said, invite her to join you.  So I invited her to join us.  I had no idea what we were about to see but I’ve learned to follow my gut.  When my friend arrived, everyone was introduced and we went off to watch the film.

Two hours and several napkins later, we all walked out of the theater in tears.  This was an apparently shocking site to some of the people sitting outside the theater and they kept asking if we were alright.  All of us were shaken by the film.  I cry at anything so I’m not a good gauge, but both ladies were in tears and started talking about how the film had hit them at their core.  It brought back memories of childhood and fathers.  My new friend mentioned that she was feeling all alone in the world now.  Meeting us had a powerful impact on her.  While we were “strangers”, she still felt safe enough to share that feeling.

So many of us feel all alone in the world right now.  It’s no coincidence that we are linking up all over the globe in person and over the internet.  We are one.  We’re all connected in this web of life.  When we’re open to this, all those little coincidences have the power to transform our lives.  I made a new friend because I’ve learned to listen to that still small voice inside.  That little nudge telling me to reach out to another person.  I hope she walked away feeling better, not so alone.  I know I did.

Light and Love,


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